10 Reasons To Crank Up Your Fitness Fun This Fall


I’ve always viewed September as the January of the year.  Back to school, clean slate, the air tingling with possibility and renewal.  What better time to set goals, form habits, and make this new season the start to the happiest and healthiest yet, right?

While I certainly enjoyed my sessions of outdoor yoga and long walks in the park this summer, it’s no secret that (most) months of the year in NYC can be pretty brutal temperature wise, so having easy alternatives to outdoor workouts is key for maintaining fitness.  Enter Crunch, the gym that has spent more than 25 years on the cutting edge of exercise by adhering to one simple principle: make fitness fun.


With 16 NYC area locations, Crunch is accessible, affordable, and (perhaps the most important ticket to maintaining a consistent workout routine)…FUN.  Honestly, with classes like Cycle Karaoke, Street Jazz, and Boing With Kangoo, working out feels more like an hour of playtime rather than a chore…which is exactly the motivation we New Yorkers need after a long day of work.

If belting out renditions of your favorite 80’s jams while burning a thousand calories isn’t your idea of an ideal workout (but how could it not be?!), Crunch has something to cater to every interest, from top-of-the-line cardio equipment to state-of-the-art strength training machines and an amazing crew of kick-butt trainers.  They even have you covered to the nines for post-workout bliss, featuring lemon + sage Bliss Spa products in all their locker rooms.

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And with Crunch’s “no judgments” philosophy, where they stay eternally positive about body image, preferring to reference being strong and healthy rather than losing weight, it’s been the ideal place for me to kick off month 6 of staying active while pregnant!  I won’t go into the details of how exercising while preggo reduces swelling, veins, yada yada, but instead encourage YOU to work out by sharing the top 10 reasons NYers should insist on making exercise a priority in their lives:

  1. You tried bike riding around NYC once, and decided you like not fearing for your life more.
  2. Next time you’re at a dinner party learning about people’s gluten-free/vegan/dairy-free diets, you can rattle on about your amazing new workout routine!  Workout > Diet.
  3. Insomnia plagues the good people of New York, and (trust me on this), after an hour of cycling you will be exhausted.  Oh hellloooo sleep, I’ve missed you!
  4. One spin class burns the calories consumed during a lunch at Shake Shack.
  5. Trying to figure out the shower schedule with 7 roommates is a headache.  Unlimited hot water at the gym?  Yes, please!
  6. Getting winded after a few subway stairs is embarrassing.
  7. All. The. Bakeries.
  8. The dollar slice isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
  9. It’s (way) cheaper than a juice cleanse.
  10. Your immune system will thank you come cold season.

Currently, Crunch is offering free 5 day guest passes!  For FREE, you can have access to try out the city’s hottest classes, tons of weights, and miles of cardio.  Seriously guys, it’s the perfect way to sample the goods, fall in love, and cultivate a new fitness routine for the crisp autumn days that await.


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