10 Stores You Will Only Find In NYC


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Besides the question of “where should I eat?”, the second most popular question I get via the blog is “where should I shop for something I can only find in NYC?”  While I can’t exactly tell you that the below list of stores will stock stuff you won’t be able to get elsewhere (disclaimer: it won’t), I can promise you this: the below list are stores that are unique to NYC, and do not have chains outside of the city.

These are 10 of my favorites, for the reasons listed.  While some are over-the-top-priced (hi Bergdorfs!), I still thought it was important to include them here because it’s less about walking out of the store with something, and more about the experience, right?  Right:-)  Happy shopping/window shopping!

Photo Credit: http://www.bakeorbreak.com/

Photo Credit: http://www.bakeorbreak.com/

If you’re looking for really fun and kitchsy kitchen + table decor, head to Fishs Eddy. 

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind bookstore experience, complete with both affordable and rare books, head to The Strand.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, head to Michele Varian.

If you’re looking to deck out your doll house, head to Tiny Doll House.

If you’re looking for amazing scents, perfumes, and candles, head to Aedes de Venustas.

If you’re looking for a designer ANYTHING, head to Bergdorf Goodman.  (Insider’s tip: make an afternoon out of it and have tea upstairs at BG’s.  The views of the park are splendid, and they actually offer you a black cloth napkin if you happen to be wearing black, so as not to tarnish your pantsuit with white fibers.  Talk about fancy!)

If you’re looking for the perfect NYC-inspired foodie gift, head to Chelsea Market Basket.

If you’re looking for pencils and related accessories, head to CW Pencil Enterprise.

If you’re looking for a store that changes concepts every 4 to 8 weeks and features over 200 small businesses and brands, head to Story.  (Editor’s note: this is where a big chunk of my holiday shopping will be happening!)

If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth and load up on vintage candy favorites, head to Economy Candy.

Would love to know…do you have a favorite store, only found in NYC?  Or maybe a mom-and-pop shop from wherever you live?  Leave it in the comments!

p.s. in case you missed it, our visit to the cutest little pencil store in NYC, and a walk around the Lower East Side with a stop into Economy Candy.

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