18 Things I Plan To Do In NYC In 2018


Ahh, New Year’s Resolutions–love em or hate em, they sure are talk of the town and top of mind throughout the month of January! (Okay, let’s be real, at least the first half of the month;-) I’m a huge fan of goal setting (as you may remember here), but find that big, overgeneralized resolutions such as “eat healthier” or “work out more” or “have an attitude of gratitude” are easily abandoned because they are simply not specific enough. One thing I learned from my career in education was that the best way for anyone to achieve their goals is to make them as SPECIFIC and broken down as possible.

So, inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s Happier Podcast (love her so much, btw!), I created my 18 For 2018–basically a goal list of 18 things I want to accomplish by year’s end. And of course, being a NYC-centric blog, practically all of mine center somehow around things I want to do/try/eat/experience in New York–and the ones that aren’t are to make my NYC apartment living all the more happier!

1. Complete a Yoga Teacher Training course.

2. Visit the Museum of Food and Drink.

3. Get tickets to an adult magic show.

4. See the ‘Book of Mormon’ on Broadway.

5. Have a girls’ night out and see ‘Mean Girls’ on Broadway.

6. Check out the Museum of American Finance.

7. Enjoy a glass of wine at Aldo Sohm Wine Bar.

8. Take an ariel yoga class.

9. Walk across High Bridge, NYC’s oldest standing bridge.

10. Go to deep house yoga at House of Yes.

11. More candle light dinners at home.

12. Try a wine mixer + yoga class at UnWined.

13. Have breakfast at Tiffany’s.

14. Date night cocktails at Apotheke.

15. Take Augusten to the Children’s Museum of the Arts.

16. Invest in a Playbill holder to hold 12 years worth of Playbills sitting on my bookshelf.

17. Figure out a “charging station” for all our electronic devices.

18. Attempt to borrow or buy used before buying new (applying to obvious things, of course;-)

There you have it! I’ll be sure to blog about the best experiences above, and share the rest on Instagram throughout the year, so make sure to follow along.

And in case you missed it, last year’s resolution was to curate/write a NYC guide book, which you can check out here! Even though “write a guide book” does seem like one of those huge, vague resolutions, I was able to make it happen by having small monthly goals that had clear beginnings, middles, and ends.

Would love to know–what’s on your to-do list for 2018?  Whatever it is, here’s to making it happen!;-)




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