On Location Tours

Did you know that over 200 feature films were made inside Central Park, making it the most filmed location in all the world?  Either did I, that is, until I took the New York TV and Movie Sites tour with On Location Tours!

Whether you’re a native New Yorker or first time tourist, taking a tour with On Location Tours is the perfect way to see the best of New York City, Hollywood style.  I hopped aboard a comfy, air-conditioned, On Location Tours bus in Midtown for the 3.5 hour tour, which proved to be a true melting pot with tour goers from Australia, England, France, Puerto Rico, and Oregon!  Our tour guide, the vibrant actor Amadeo Fusca, charmed us with trivia questions and movie quotes, rewarding the guest with the correct answer an array of fruity Blow-Pops, Black and White cookies, and high-fives!  He pointed out hotspots all along the tour, ranging from the site of Carrie and Big’s breakup scene in the movie “Sex and the City” to pointing out Jay-Z and Beyonce’s house.

The tour took us from Midtown to lower Manhattan, making several stops along the way to let the tour goers have a few New York minutes for a photo-shoot.  The first stop was in Washington Square Park, home to scenes in movie classics such as “When Harry Met Sally” and “I Am Legend”.  Our next stop was in Tribeca, which brought us to North Moore Street, otherwise known as “Millionaire Mile”.  Celebrities such as Nathan Lane and the Olsen Twins are said to inhabit the gigantic lofts on this block.  Not to worry, we didn’t celebrity stalk, but we did visit the firehouse, Hook and Ladder 8, that was in the movie “Ghostbusters”, also located on this street.

Heading back north, we stopped at the townhouse that was used in “The Cosby Show”.  Little known trivia fact for you: Every time the outside of the townhouse is shown on TV, the owner gets $1,000.  Talk about a good real estate investment!

No New York TV tour would be complete without stopping at the corner of Bedford and Grove streets in the West Village, aka the apartment building used in “Friends”.  Before disembarking the bus, Amadeo led the group in our very own rendition of the theme song from the show, “I’ll Be There For You”.  With all the enthusiasm, combined with a myriad of worldly accents, we sounded so good, I’m pretty sure even Jennifer Aniston herself would have been proud.

On Location Tours offers a variety of other tours, including “Sex and the City Hotspots”, “Sopranos Sites”, “Gossip Girl Sites”, “Brooklyn TV and Movie Sites”, and “Central Park TV and Movie Sites.”  For more information about tours, times, and tickets, please visit their website.

By: Jessica Tiare Bowen