Free Films At The Tribeca Grand Hotel

One of my favorite things about summers in the city is the plethora of free movies that play around town in outdoor venues, ranging from parks to rooftops to on top of the Intrepid battle ship (really!)  Since we’re still battling the long, frigid, Big Apple winter, you can imagine my delight when I heard that the Tribeca Grand Hotel, an absolute gem located in lower Manhattan, has started hosting free Sunday night movies, complete with cocktails, cinema buffs, and even buckets of freshly popped (free) popcorn.

We started the evening in the hotel’s atrium, the Church Lounge. With cozy armchairs, flickering candlelight, and a tasty drink and dinner menu, this is the perfect spot to catch up with friends after a busy week or even take that special someone on a classic cocktail-and-classic-cinema date! And for all you dog lovers that would rather enjoy the company of your favorite furry friend, listen up! The Tribeca Grand is completely dog friendly, so Spot and Fido can enjoy the ambience, too! My chihuahua seems to think it’s pretty much the perfect way to spend a Sunday night.

The theater is located in the lower level of the hotel, and is complete with plush leather seats and even a front row sofa. Definitely the most comfy theater I’ve encountered in the city. On Sunday we saw the film, Casablanca, and reveled with everyone else in the audience at famous lines such as, “Here’s looking at you, kid”, and “We’ll always have Paris.” Insert goosebumps and eye-dabbing here…not a dry eye in the theater!

So grab your girlfriends, special someone, or even your pooch, and head to the Tribeca Grand Hotel for some Sunday night cinema.  Because no matter what happens the rest of the week, at least you can say, “We’ll always have the Tribeca Grand.”

WHERETribeca Grand Hotel
Two Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York 10013


By: Jessica Tiare Bowen



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