The Jewish Community Center Presents “Distant Relations” Art Exhibit

The opening reception for Distant Relations: A Collaboration Between Lori Grinker and Richard Grinker was held last night at the Jewish Community Center in The Laurie M. Tisch Gallery.  On view in the wonderful Upper West Side November 18th through January 5th, this exhibit is an exploration of the dispersal of a single family, originally from western Lithuania, throughout the world.  The exhibit brings up the discussion of the complex relationship between immigrants and their homelands, religious change, and multiculturalism.

Lori and Richard Grinker

Photographer Lori Grinker and cultural anthropologist Richard Grinker discussed the project at the reception.  Talking of her experience taking the photographs, Lori stated, “I’m an outsider looking in on it, so I’m a part of it…but I’m not.”  This sense of separation can be felt while strolling around the gallery, viewing the photos.  The peek through the window…the glimpse inside the temple…a glance of children playing soccer.  You sense a connection between the photographer and the subject, albeit a slightly detached one.

The audience was very interactive during the discussion.  One woman proudly stated, “The strongest aspect of this show is how Jews endure”.  Another person at the exhibit, Christopher Moulton, commented on the discussion, “I was so mesmerized by the collection of people and the level of intellect and curiosity that was demonstrated during the Q&A”.

Guests Enjoy The Exhibit

The Q&A was followed by a wine reception in which Lori and Richard milled around, happily answering questions and engaging in dialogue with the attendees.  If you didn’t make it out to the opening, worry not.  The photographs and interviews will be displayed in the gallery until January 5th, 2012.  Just another great reason to trek up to the Upper West Side this season.

WHERE: The Jewish Community Center
334 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, New York  10023

By: Jessica Tiare Bowen




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