The Munch Gallery Presents The Work Of Frodo Mikkelsen

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This spring, treat yourself by visiting the Munch Gallery and immersing yourself in the paintings, sculptures, and installations of Danish artist Frodo Mikkelsen.  Frodo is one of the rising artists in Scandinavia and has been shown in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Russia, South Africa and the USA. His works are also represented in museum collections in Denmark and Norway.  Frodo has already made a splash in the New York art scene: one of his sculptures has been taken into the 3-D collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  With an impressive achievement like this, I was thrilled to be able to speak with Frodo about his solo exhibition, “Ghost Yard”.  Premiering at the Munch Gallery from April 21st-June 10th, 2012, New Yorkers will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the artwork of this rising star.

What is the inspiration for your show, “Ghost Yard”?

My father was an artist, and hung out in artistic circles, so I was exposed to the art world from a young age.

The inspiration for this show started with a train yard in New York called the “Ghost Yard”.  Located at the top of Manhattan on 10th Avenue between 207th and 215th streets, it’s where most of the MTA’s vehicles are housed and repaired…the final resting place for trains before they are sent to the scrap yard.  I heard about the place for the first time when I was only ten from a book my father gave me, which was about the Ghost Yard being a meet-up spot for graffiti artists, and my interest was instantly piqued.  There’s just something intriguing about secret and abandoned places.  The day after my exposure to the Ghost Yard, I started painting graffiti, and the art just took off from there…

What are some of the places that have inspired you as an artist? 

I get most of my inspiration when I’m travelling…So my scale of color comes from travelling to Mexico, India…and of course New York.  The graphic look of the art comes from almost 30 years of doing graffiti.

What are some of the themes we’ll be seeing in your exhibit?

As an artist, I try to work with humor a lot.  I enjoy taking up serious subjects and wrapping them in humor and joy.  You will see a myriad of things…death and pollution on the more grim side, and friendship, love, and life on the brighter side.

The opening reception for Ghost Yard will be held Saturday, April 21st from 7pm to 9pm.  Frodo will be there to discuss his works.  We look forward to seeing you there!

WHAT: Ghost Yard, A Solo Exhibition by Frodo Mikkelsen
WHERE: Munch Gallery
245 Broome Street (at Ludlow St.)
New York, New York 10002
Ph. 212.228.1600 
WHEN: Exhibit on view April 21st through June 10th, 2012
Wednesday through Saturday 12pm-7pm
Sunday 1pm-6pm
Opening reception April 21st, 2012, 7pm-9pm

By: Jessica Tiare Bowen



  • Max says:

    Hey now…this is right in my neighborhood. Seems like a cool event, thanks for the write-up. Will stop by with some friends. Cheers!

    • Used York City says:

      Awesome, glad to spread the word! Yes, please stop by, meet Frodo, and check out his great works…we’d love to see you!

  • p0ps says:

    Frodo, I’m so sorry, I’m not still living NY. This show sounds wonderful and it’s right in my old neighborhood. I’ll be looking for your work to come out here in L.A. Best of luck with the show and enjoy the LES.

    • Used York City says:

      Sorry you can’t make it, but I’m sure Frodo’s work will be hitting L.A. very soon!:-)

  • MLS says:

    This is fabulous! Frodo’s such a talented artist, and I love how he gets his inspiration! So looking forward to seeing his arts at the gallery!

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