Dancehall Classes With Blacka Di Danca

Now may be a good time to share that I’m training for this insane race called ToughMudder.  With 12 miles of uphill running and 30 obstacles including fire, ice, and electroshock therapy (not kidding!) I’ve been spending an unusual amount of time searching for NYC workouts that can keep my attention and energy levels on point.  I mean really, how much Central Park running can one girl do without being bored to tears?


Trying innovative new ways to get my workout on!


That being said, I was ecstatic to receive a Tweet about Blacka Di Danca and his Dancehall classes in the heart of Times Square.  Would I be interested in checking it out?  Of course!  Did I have any idea what I was getting myself into?  Not at all!

I put on my black sweats, brave face, and dancing shoes, ready to do this Dancehall thing.  Slyly scoping out my fellow dancers, I quickly realized that this was the real thing.  These folks were svelte, sculpted, and could definitely kick my bootie in a ToughMudder race any day.  I was in the right spot.


DANY Studios


When Blacka entered the room, I took an instant liking to his infectious energy and his true love for the art of Dancehall, a form of dance that originated from the reggae styles of Jamaica and focuses on the moves.  He’s been dancing all his life, and is a true example that if you do what you love, you will be an absolute rockstar at it.

From 7 to 8pm, we danced non-stop.  All the dance moves Blacka taught us had specific names and meanings, which he shouted to us while we were getting our move and groove on.  (No stopping in this class!)  I learned Dancehall staples such as the Sesame Street, Walk By, and Groove…an original dance by Blacka himself!


Blacka Di Danca...he's got energy for days!


Not gonna lie to you…I looked like a complete idiot alongside these talented dancers, but I embraced what Dancehall is all about: the attitude and energy.  And I’m pretty sure I burned more calories in that hour long class than I do on my Central Park runs.  I was all pink-face and sweat by the time 8pm came, and felt great.  Blacka and his Dancehall class are absolutely becoming part of my workout routine.  Who knows?  I may even start to pick up some impressive moves along the way.

Take a look at Blacka’s moves here.  Who’s joining me for class next week?!

305 West 38th Street Between 8th and 9th Avenues
New York, New York
WHEN: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7pm to 8pm
COST: $10 per class
CONTACT: To RSVP for class, email Blacka at:  You can also connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

By: Jessica Tiare Bowen



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