A Celebratory Rose For July 4th Weekend

This “Bi-weekly Bottle” is a throwback to the good old days when one of New York foremost oenophiles broadcasted creative wine picks each and every day with a unique energy in a way that only he could  (ok, the greater NY region which includes New Jersey – you know, in the same way that Canada is the 51st state…).  Anyway, a big thanks to Gary VAY-NER-CHUK and Wine Library for their perfect July 4th weekend wine pick: Puech Haut Cuvee Prestige Rose – 2011, available at a discount for $18 on winelibrary.com (retails for $23).

Amassing a huge 90 points, this Grenache-Cinsault is incredibly light in color, with only the slightest hints of pink which peer through an alluring frosted bottle. More assertive on the palette than a typical rose, the fruit (strawberry, sweet cherries and red currants) will come through in a big way but not without a welcome balance from the mineral-rich saline finish. A “sniffy-sniff” will yield notes of vanilla and smoky tobacco along with the characteristic red fruit which liaise to the initial taste profile. A veritable treat for this special holiday weekend!

Fruitier? Dryer? More special? Better value? Gary’s got you covered on this week’s peripheral picks – learn more about them on Episode #883 from “WineLibaryTV, the internet’s most passionate wine program!”  Of course, all of today’s wines are available for purchase at Winelibrary.com!

Cheers… And be sure to “tune in” to the next “Bi-Weekly Bottle” on July 20th – we’ve got a special surprise for you!


By: Adam Gross



  • Benni says:

    Very nice info graphic, its the kind of thing, as a newby I wouldnt mind taking out for a meal with me but saying that I wouldnt dare pull it out at a table!

    • Used York City says:

      Thanks Benni! Haha, you can always keep it on your phone, and that way if you take a sneak peak at the table it would be very discreet!;-) Cheers!

  • dwight says:

    i love the chart. will have to go with something dryer this weekend….thanks for the rec

    • Used York City says:

      Thanks Dwight! Our brilliant food columnist Adam designed it himself!

      Enjoy a bottle of something dry this weekend, let us know how it is!

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