Keeping Pocket Parks In NYC With The New York Restoration Project

On October 31, 2012, Bette Midler hosted her very own “Hulaween” spooktacular!  This fundraising event was held at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, 301 Park Avenue, New York, NY and began at 6:30 p.m.


Bette’s fundraising “Hulaween” event was held to support her very own non-profit which was founded in 1995, The New York Restoration Project.  It was at that time that Bette found that many of the streets and parks of her beloved New York City were covered with litter from years of neglect!  She said, “I was so upset, I didn’t sleep for weeks…People were throwing their garbage out of the window, leaving their lunches on the ground.  Finally, I realized I needed to actually do something-even if it meant picking up trash with my own two hands.”

Initially recruiting friends and family, Ms. Midler started removing garbage in Upper Manhattan from Fort Tryon Park and Fort Washington Park.  What started as a grassroots project led to the development of Ms. Midler’s New York Restoration Project, which not only makes a visual impact on the aesthetics of the city but also has a social impact, especially in under-resourced neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs.


During the evening of the event, Suzanne Eisenberg of New York and Harrison Katz of Greenwich, Connecticut, who were adorably costumed as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, shared why they were both here to support this important cause.  Suzanne said that her “parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles have all supported NYRP for years.  That it’s nice to be able to get involved at a younger age in what is such an important non-profit.”   Harrison then said that he grew up in Greenwich and that someday when he moves to Manhattan and has a family of his own that he wants flourishing “green” parks so his kids have a great place to play!

If you love the color green splashing your fabulous city, New Yorkers, click here to find out how you can support The New York Restoration Project and help make a difference!


By: Sora Vernikoff



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