Everlane: Online Shopping Is Getting Physical…AGAIN!

Oh-My-Everlane does it feel good to write this.



If you didn’t already know, Everlane is back in NYC.  We all know what happened the last time Everlane staged a part-protest-part-shopping experience in its Not-A-Shop this summer.

Yes, it was fabulous.  Yes, they had totes, backpacks and tees to die for.  And yes, my credit card was not in a healthy state before their departure.  Well, it looks like round two will be no different.

From now until December 16 Everlane will be assaulting your sartorial sensibilities at it’s “Workshop” at 74 Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan. It is not a retail shop.  It is a showroom where you can try on clothes, purchase clothes using an iPad or computer online, and have them delivered to your door.  Online shopping is getting physical. Again!

I dropped by the opening to sip champagne and ogle at the new digs.  My oh my, have they been busy.  The more summer-friendly products that I raved about are now in the back corners and, instead, the “shop” is full of items that are simply must-have basics for the New York winter months.

1.     Silk.

Yes, I just said it. Everlane is selling silk spread collar blouses in three washes.  They are simple, insanely soft and smooth to the touch, and look like something that might be spotted on Garance Doré – aka chic. Upon entering the shop, I ran into a high school friend who had just purchased the mustard yellow.  I wasn’t sure if this was possible, but after dropping 80 bucks on that shirt she was positively glowing.

Why was she glowing?  Because, it is not every day that women can buy something that might cost anywhere from 100 plus to just under 1000 dollars!  If you don’t believe me, go to Google and get real. $80 is a steal and she knew it.



2.     Cashemere

I know what you are thinking. Stop. Stoppppppppppppppp. What started as a T’shirt company is now doing knits?  Answer: Yes they can! They can and the results are wonderful.  Nuff said.  How much? $120 – $130 depending on the cut.  How do they fit?  Like a sweater that you have had for years and love to wear just about everyday.  Once you go Cashmere, you really cannot go back.  It is too warm, too cozy, too soft, and the perfect antidote to winter.  Oh, and what would you have to pay to get a similar fit and look?  $150 and the sky is the limit.



3.     Oxfords

Now, what on earth could be so great about the most basic dress shirt that a guy has in his closet?  And, seriously? Who needs another light-blue or white shirt?  If you are a man and you are reading this, the answer is ‘You do’.

These shirts do not billow and make you look pregnant or like you need to switch to low carb beer.  The arm is slim so you look buffer. And, best of all, for guys with any type of shoulder, they bring out your frame.  The result is that you put it on and you are the dapper New Yorker who looks so good at work that he doesn’t need to change before going out on the town.  And, yes, they too are steal at $55 compared to other brands who chart $70 plus.



Oh Everlane! The range of products keeps increasing.  I am both deliriously happy and very nearly broke.  Where will it end? Hopefully, NEVER!

If you want to join in on the fun there will be multiple events this week.


WED, DEC 12 / 7–9PM

A night with two local New York shops: Flower Girl NYC & Flour Shop.

Learn what flowers work well in the Winter season and sample five recipes from the upcoming opening of Flour Shop.


THU, DEC 13 / 7–9PM

Sample the best of two classics: the white oxford, paired with an iconic cocktail, the Manhattan.


FRI, DEC 14 / 7–9PM

Eat New York foodtruck,Wafels & Dinges, Belgian waffles.

Remember to RSVP.

And with that, friends, you too do the responsible thing: go and see it for yourself.  I know, it is that time of year. We are all looking to gift something fabulous at a price that won’t break the bank. But that is what Everlane is all about.  Agreed? Agreed.


By: Mijon Zulu




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