New Yorkers’ Choice: The Best Wine Bars In NYC

Ask me to describe my ideal wine bar and the key words you would get are: exposed-brick, rustic, French, candlelight, and nibbles that include goat cheese tarts and ricotta drizzled in honey.  Bonus points for Mason jars on the table filled with mini daisies…or Mason jars that actually serve as wine glasses.  (What can I say?  I’m a Southern girl at heart!)

However, I know that’s not all New Yorkers’ cup of tea glass of wine, so I turned to you, our loyal readers, and asked what your favorite spots in the city were to enjoy a glass of vino and why.  I was delighted by the responses, many of which I had never even heard of before, let alone tried.


Here’s the reader-recommended wine bars throughout the city:


@CulturedChaosNY Amelie Wine Bar in the village. Great little French place. Staff is amazing. And their happy hour is the best I’ve found.  (Editor’s Note: Been here and love it.  It’s got a rosy hue, and the European style seats at the back of the restaurant are perfect for a romantic rendezvous.)

@michtara Sofia Wine Bar…it’s so cozy!

@Thirsty_Kitten  LOVE @SofiaWineBar…island of hospitality in #midtowneast. Superb service, wine list, homemade lasagna.

@_pooperscooper @Lelabar -an awesome wine bar in the West Village. Can’t go wrong w/ amazing wine, legit food & friendly, knowledgeable staff!
@denvernicole For South African: xai xai!  (Editor’s Note: Fantastic Midtown location, tucked away on a quieter side street.  Perfect for a post-theater night cap.)
@kale1919 Shalel on 70th and Columbus!
@GranducaNYC We have a good selection of Sicilian wines: We Offer A Drinkable Sicilian Intensity.  (Editor’s Note:  If you’re looking for a place where you can comfortably cozy up on a couch, this Flatiron spot is for you.  It also feels much less claustrophobic squished than many of the wine bars you’ll experience in the city.)
@actorbrian St. Patricks Cathedral has good wine, but they only let you take one sip at a time!


@devourNYC Pinkerton & d.o.c wine bar in Williamsburg are my go to wine bars.


@Bklynz_Poet @Winegasm_: Staff is knowledgeable in the #vino game. Pair anything to everything, and attentive. Another great thing about it is the setup. Have your Sex And The City troop with you? Big communal table. Date night? Cozy nooks.
 @NewYorkPhotoGal Best wine bar hands down: Mosaic Cafe & Lounge in Astoria…Great Wine..Great Cheese..GREAT ATMOSPHERE! Super Romantic 5 stars.


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