New Yorker Moments

Happy 2013!  I hope your first few days have been a promising start to the new year.  Here’s a few of my favorite moments from the holidays which were spent visiting family in Virginia and North Carolina, and ringing in the New Year with friends in Ocean City, New Jersey.  Now that the festivities are over, it’s time to embark on those impossibly long post-Christmas winter months in NYC.  A little more frigidness, a little less twinkle.  Stay warm, New Yorkers!

What are your favorite ways to enjoy post-holiday winter in NYC?


{My sister hosted a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party…Santa even showed up!}

{Making smores by the bonfire at my mom’s house}

{Long drives down country roads singing along to the radio…something I rarely get to experience in New York}

{The view from our New Year’s rental in New Jersey}

{First glimpse of the gritty city, circa January 1st, 2013}



By: Jessica Tiare Bowen






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