How Luxe Is The Journelle Sample Sale?

One of the greatest (and probably the worst for our wallets) aspects about living in New York City is having the opportunity that many other cities lack – a chance to score big at major sample sales.  Be it the Barney’s Warehouse sale, where I was once able to walk away with a Prada Turtleneck for a mere $18.99 or the Helmut Lang Sales where you can find the brand’s signature blazers at the best prices. During last November’s Alexander Wang Sample Sale, many people actually ventured into the city from other states, some even as far out as Chicago.



Now how want-worthy is the lingerie at the upcoming Journelle Sample Sale? For those New Yorkers not familiar with Journelle, it’s one of the most sensual New York lingerie boutiques offering some of the elite of lingerie, such as Stella McCartney, La Perla, and The Lake and Stars.  What prices should you expect at the Boutique’s super sale?  Elle Macpherson’s casual day bras will be starting at $23 (originally $45) and La Perla’s lacy numbers will start off at half off. Yes, I said start off. With any sample sale, there will be mark downs.  But the question is what will you find when the prices start to drop.

The Sale’s location, 260 5th Avenue, is known for the around–the-corner lines and the half-hour wait for almost every sale that they host. So unfortunately, if you want the deals don’t count on shopping the best picks of the sale. Regardless, it’s definitely worth going to, and will get you through the January Slump.


WHAT: Journelle Sample Sale
WHERE: 260 5th Avenue
New York, New York
WHEN: January 15th-19th, 2013


By: Haya Elkadi




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