The Ultimate Travel Accessory: The Hoboroll

As many of you know, I’m on the move almost as often as I’m staying put.  Between trips down south to visit family, to press trips for the website, to weekend escapes, it sometimes feels like the second I unpack my Weekender I’m packing it up once again.  (This could also have something to do with the fact that I hate unpacking and procrastinate as long as possible…but that’s a different story for a different day.)



I was given the opportunity to test out a new piece of gear designed for travelers: the Hoboroll.  From the adventure traveler to the urban traveler, the Hoboroll is designed to make your trip more efficient by allowing you to organize items into different compartments and to compress them together to create space…up to 50% more!  It can be used inside your bag or solo, depending on your needs.  While I use mine mostly for organizing the contents inside my Weekender, I can also see how it would make the perfect gym bag to keep the dry and wet, clean and dirty, separated.

With 5 compartments, the Hoboroll makes it easy to separate shirts, pants, under-things, shoes, and toiletries.  Before, I would mess my entire bag up trying to dig out one tee.  Now that everything is compartmentalized, it’s quicker, easier, and neater to grab exactly what I want.



The best part of the roll is that I can keep it stocked with a weekend’s worth of clean clothes, a toothbrush and eyeliner and keep it in my closet, ready to grab for a quick trip.  This takes out a lot of the stress of packing, and for the unpacking I can just dump the clothes directly in the laundry basket, replenish the Hoboroll with a few clean outfits, and be good to go!  Since it takes up half the closet space as a full weekend bag would, this is a doable task for even the most space-limited New Yorker.  (And for all you prepsters, did I mention you can get the roll monogrammed?!)


It scrunches up to the size of my favorite travel buddy, Gillman!


The $28 is a great investment, with the return being stress-free packing and unpacking, making for a more enjoyable experience…where ever your travels may take you.  For ordering info, please visit the Gobi Gear website.

What is one travel accessory you can’t leave home without?


By: Jessica Tiare Bowen





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