A Taste Of NYC Fashion Week

UsedYorkCity was thrilled to be able to celebrate NYCFW with Bettie Page on the Bowery, where retro fashion is always timeless!  Their throwback pieces to the 1950’s remind me of flipping through photos of my grandparents during their newlywed days, (minus the pink hair!)  Unlike thrift store finds which are hit or miss depending on what’s on the rack that week, Bettie Page makes all their pieces today, and has sizes to meet the needs of every woman.



Along with the Spring 2013 fashion show, we also got a sneak peak of the Fall 2013 collection (skirts will only be getting fuller ladies, and get ready to incorporate 50 shades of green into your wardrobe!)



Couple that with hors d’oeuvres and champagne, and it was truly a day to celebrate fashion that makes us nostalgic but keeps us in style.



What NYC Fashion Week events have been on your radar?


WHERE: Bettie Page
303 Bowery
New York, New York 10003


Photo Credit By: Sora Vernikoff & Commentary By: Jessica Tiare Bowen



12 Comments on “A Taste Of NYC Fashion Week

    • They are fabulous pieces, aren’t they? And agree…given fashion or restaurants, I’d probably stick to the delicious dishes myself!;-)

    • I’m excited for the full skirts, too…pencil skirts are a bit restrictive!:-)

    • I love it, too! Brings back the old line “classy, not trashy!”;-)

  1. It is so funny that Bettie is a label today. She herself would be proud. Looks like a blast, Jess. Thanks for the first hand visit.

    • She would be, wouldn’t she?;-) Glad you enjoyed, Pamela!

    • Thanks Jeff! We’re excited to see the retro styles about town, too!:-)