Airport Naps Just Got A Lot More Comfortable

My latest jet-setting adventure left me with an airport story that was 10 hours longer than it should have been…the kind every traveler cringes to hear, because they can, no doubt, relate.  Visualize this: we’re sitting on the runway of LaGuardia, about to take off and running pleasantly on schedule.  As the plane picks up from the runway, we make a sudden dive down and end up right back on the ground.  The pilot makes a vague announcement over the intercom about a “red light” coming on, how we’ll be returning to the gate to check it all out, it shouldn’t take too long…yada yada.




Four hours later, we finally take off.  By the time we land in Dallas, we’ve clearly missed our connecting flight.  The customer service agent not-so-kindly informs us that we’ve been put on the stand by list for the next flight out (which we clearly don’t make because it’s booked to capacity), and alas, we muddle around the airport until the next plane that has space for us arrives…at 8pm.



Anyone who has had the pleasure of flying no doubt has their own version of the above story.  That’s why, dear travelers, you must invest in your comfort and sanity…(ok, at least comfort) and add the Grand Trunk Hooded Travel Pillow to your goodie bag of travel accessories.

Now, I’ve tried neck pillows before and the word that pops into mind is mediocre.  Yes, they provide a bit of cushion, but cushion doesn’t equal comfort.  This one is truly a memory foam level of comfort.  One I would happily sleep with at night.  Or during the day at the airport.  An added bonus is the micro-fleece hoodie that comes along with it.  If you’re anything like me, airplanes leave you shivering in your seat, so any added layer of warmth is greatly appreciated.  And, when you’re ready to disembark the plane, the pillow scrunches up nicely into it’s own little bag.  How’s that for convenience?



Well, I finally made it to my destination of Tucson, Arizona.  Thanks to the hooded travel pillow, I was already well rested and ready to hit the ground running.  Too bad it was well after midnight.


How do you stay comfy when traveling?


By: Jessica Tiare Bowen


Disclosure: I received the Hooded Travel Pillow courtesy of Grand Trunk as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for product review.  All opinions are, of course, my own.






  • this looks IDEAL for planes. Love the concept. I would think for those who fly a lot — would make a great mother’s and father’s day present..

  • LOL you look kinda settled in there!

    Nice styling on the hood/pillow thing!

    • Used York City says:

      Haha, thanks Fiona! I call it my “I’ve been in an airport for 10 hours look”, lol!:-)

  • Agness says:

    I honestly hate layovers and the way the staff deal with them. They don’t even inform you nicely your flight is going to be delayed or cancelled. Gggg! Neck pillows don’t work with me. My neck hurts a lot when I use them.

  • Ugh…cringing… I have to go to Vegas a month from now and I have a connecting flight in Dallas on the way back. The last thing I need are any delays. We’ll see what happens. Such a travel fail. But on the upside, a comfy travel pillow win. Noted.

  • I have a simple inflatable one and a Bucky Neck Pillow. Neither includes a hoodie. I’m so jealous.

  • Pamela Morse says:

    Any help in the storm of airport cooties and noise. You do look relieved.

  • Layovers are about the only excuse I have for not traveling via plane more frequently. When that happens, good ‘ol fashioned trashy magazines usually do the trick. And my sanity tip (even though it’s unsolicited!) is “Well, it’s not like I can pilot the plane myself.”

    The hooded travel pillow looks yummy.

    Cute pics of you, as always :).

    • Used York City says:

      Haha, love the sanity tip!:-) Agree, whoever said that bit about it being the “journey, not the destination” has clearly never had a horrific layover experience;-)

  • Do you know that in all of my world travels, I have never owned a travel pillow? Crazy, right?! I love the hood idea. Going to check this out.

    • Used York City says:

      This is the first one I’ve had that I’d actually encourage others to invest in. Solid comfort!

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