Who’s Saying What At The Happy Ending Lounge

Let me tell you a story, about some storytellers, telling their story, down in the Bowery. I heard about the “How I Learned” series and had to check it out for myself. I mean, how else can I tell you about it, right? Alright, so it all happens at the Happy Ending Lounge on Broome Street. Now, I know your interest was piqued by the joint’s name. Here’s a brief history on it: During pre-Giuliani days it was a massage parlor that specialized in “erotic” massages – no more, obviously. It now has a vibe more along the lines of a lounge operating during the aforementioned days. But enough about the place, let’s talk about what happens in it every 4th Wednesday of the month, shall we?


Blaise Allyson Kearsley – Creator, Producer, Host


“How I Learned” is just the beginning. You see, every live show covers a new experience. Last night’s installment was “to lie, cheat or steal.” A series of raconteurs, one after another, stepped up to the mic to share their story, in hilarious detail, on how they learned. Comedians, writers, storytellers…they all got in on the action.

Put together 4 years ago by creator, producer and host, Blaise Allysen Kearsley, the show has just the right balance of hip, edgy and awkward. From the moment she greets the crowd, you’re hers. A smile, a joke, a story…you’re hanging out with friends. It’s a neighborhood feel. I mean, you’d expect nothing less from a Brooklynite, right?

So, make sure to head down to the Bowery on June 26th for the next (free!!!) installment, “little things are big.” Sit back and get comfortable in one of the red velvet booths with a How I Learned Cocktail in hand to enjoy the best 2 hours, of every 4th Wednesday evening, of every month, that’ll you’ve ever have. As Blaise put it, “It’s pretty much the best thing for you right now.”

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By: Orlando Manuel






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