Jess Says Yes To The Dress!

Wedding planning!  Ekkkk!

I’ve shared with your guys our proposal story and some pics from our Gatsby Garden Party themed engagement soiree, so it seemed only the logical next step to post all about finding the perfect dress in NYC on the internet.  That’s right…in a city chock full of adorable bridal shops, I just couldn’t bring myself to say “yes to THE dress”…or any dress, for that matter, in any of them.  And boy, did I try.

The first stop was Spanish designer Pronovias.  I went in with strict instructions of “No mermaid, trumpet, strapless, sweetheart, or sleeveless.”  When the sales associate asked what I did want, I responded “Timeless 1920’s.  I want to be able to wear nothing but the dress, diamond, and red lipstick.”  Apparently that cuts your selection down quite a bit.  While I didn’t find anything that came remotely close to fitting the image I’d conjored up in my head, oh, when I was about 5, I did try on a dress I later found out cost a whopping 18 grand.  Yep, an $18,000 wedding dress, folks.  I sure hope those sparkles are diamonds:



We then headed south of 14th Street to check out some of the downtown designers.  About the only thing attractive for me at Selia Yang’s was her adorable min pin rescue who was yipping, “no, no, no” to every dress I tried on there.

Kelima K is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met, and she immediately offered 50% off one of the floor models.  Aww.  It wasn’t quite my vision, but I’d definitely encourage all brides-to-be to make a stop into her boutique.



We popped right in (and out) of David’s Bridal in Chelsea.  Around this time I was getting hot, calustrophobic, overwhelmed, and convinced that there was not a designer in the world that understood what I wanted.  #FirstWorldProblems

We couldn’t do the bridal circuit without stopping into Kleinfeld’s.  By far the most variety, there were a handful of dresses here that were getting closer to what I wanted.



The last stop, Fancy Bridal, was my favorite store, by far.  Featuring dresses that let you bring out your inner Grace, Audrey, and Marilyn, I was smitten.  So much so that I almost said yes to a dress.  This one:



I mean, a beret AND cozy cashmere sweater on my wedding day?!  Swoon.

But somewhere in my heart of hearts I still really, really, really wanted that 1920’s gown.  So I went home, a bit mopey, and resolved to try again another day.  My darling Maid of Honor would send me Instagrammed photos of dresses that might fit the bill, encouraging me that the dress, did in fact, exist.  (Gold star for your MOH duties, Michelle.)

Flash forward a few weeks…I was clicking around on Pinterest, looking at blush and bashful colored bridesmaid dresses, when I saw THE DRESS.  And get this: the model was wearing nothing but a diamond and red lipstick.  Talk about perfect styling.

I immediately called the store and had them ship the dress (from Chicago), pronto.  Besides being about a foot too long (nothing my amazing Korean tailor couldn’t fix), it was absolutely perfect.  I took awful selfies of me trying it on, texted them to my mom, who assured me she was crying on the other end of the phone, and that “yes, Jess.  This is the dress.”

I can’t wait to share photos with you guys of the dress on the wedding day…!!!  Until then…

I’d love to know…how many dresses did you try on until you said yes?  Share below!







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