The Website NYC Pooch Parents Will Love

I think I speak for most New Yorkers with a soul when I say we’re a pretty dog-centric city.  Our apartments may be small, but our hearts are big and ready to be filled with that unconditional love only man’s best friend can provide.  That’s why Gillman and I were thrilled to discover a website that’s dedicated to New Yorkers and their dogs: DogSpin!

Launched earlier this summer, DogSpin highlights fun NYC dog excursions, dog-centric NYC articles, and tons of resources to help you navigate life with a dog in New York.  So whether you’re looking for a doggy daycare trusted by other locals, or want to get the scoop on Pooch-inis at Shake Shack (this is number one on my, err, Gillman’s list!), this is pretty much your one-stop shop for all the info.

Founded by New Yorker Brian Scully (pictured below), the idea of DogSpin is to make dog life in the city as seamless as possible for pooches and their parents.  A Yelp for dog parents, so to speak.  We don’t have the backyard space much of America is blessed with, so it’s helpful to have a resource to share all the big and small dog parks, not to mention a place to get tried-and-true recommendations of vets and groomers.  I mean, let’s be honest: I rarely go to a restaurant without first reading the reviews, so why would I trust little Gills in the hands of an unrated vet?!  Inconceivable!



DogSpin, you get two giant paws up from the folks (and their furry friends) at UsedYorkCity.

We’d love to know…where’s your favorite dog-friendly hangout in NYC?  


By: Jessica Tiare Bowen




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