Individually Brewed Cups At Kaffe 1668

I met a friend for coffee on Greenwich Street this weekend (and as all of us New Yorkers know, anything on Greenwich Street is positively adorable, anyway), so expectations were high.  Stepping into Kaffe 1668 is like being in the Restoration Hardware showroom (ahem, my favorite furniture store, ever.)  Ginormous wooden tables and buckets of lavender aside, their coffee is really, really good.



Maybe it’s something with the way they individually brew each cup (but if you’re in a hurry and don’t have the 10+ minutes the coffee can take to make, you can just order their daily drip).  Maybe it’s the super low-lighting, and twinkling candle light.  Or maybe it’s their delicious honey granola + yogurt.  But whatever it is, this Tribeca spot is now a staple on my coffee shop circuit, totally worth the trek below 14th Street (which means a lot coming from a Midtowner).  Kudos, Kaffe 1688.

p.s. There’s two locations on Greenwich Street, I went to the one between Beach and Hubert Streets.



Have you ever tried individually brewed cups of coffee?



By: Jessica Tiare Bowen




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