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This contest has officially ended.  A huge New York thank you to all who participated, and congrats to our winner, Lyndsay!  Stay tuned for more exciting UsedYorkCity.com giveaways!

If I’m in my apartment longer that, oh, 5 minutes, I have a candle burning.  I have favorite scents for each season (warm pumpkins for fall, sweet sugar cookies for winter, crisp linens for spring, and refreshing blueberry pies for summer).  On top of that, I’m convinced that lighting up any scent that makes the nostrils and tummy think there’s something baking (cupcakes, I’m talking to you), is ALWAYS a good idea.



I was so excited to try out a new brand of candles that mixes the delight of the senses with the fun of finding a treat inside!  It reminds me of the excitement of pulling out the toy at the bottom of the Cracker Jack or cereal box when we were kids!  These treats, however, are a bit more grown-up and girly…that’s right, diamond rings!  (Okay, they are not alllll diamonds, but there will be some kind of ring waiting for you!)



The story behind Diamond Candles is quite sweet, itself.  Owners David and Brenda were high school sweethearts, and he knew the moment he saw her that she would be his wife someday (aww!)  He proposed, she said yes, and for the next year he worked reallllllllyyyyyy long and hard to save up to buy her a ring she deserved for their anniversary.  He found a stunning diamond ring at the local jewelry store, and wanting to pair it with something else, he went to the local grocery store to buy a gift bag and candle.  On his way home, the idea of “Diamond Candles” was born.  (And yes, Brenda loooovvveeeddd the ring!  And the candle:-)

My cupcake scented candle left me with a delicious smelling apartment and an urge to bake.  Oh, and this pretty purple ring!



It takes about 10 hours for the candle to burn down enough to get your ring, but those with limited patience can use a spoon to scoop it out (not speaking from experience, promise!)

Want your very own Diamond Candle?  It’s your lucky day because we’re doing a giveaway!  Simply click on the link below and sign up using your Facebook or email before October 25th, 2013, for your chance to win:

Yes! Enter me to win my own Diamond Candle!

The winner will be announced on this post and Twitter after the contest.  Best of luck to all our rockstar readers!

And I’d love to know…what’s your favorite candle scent?  Share below!

By: Jessica Tiare Bowen


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