New Yorker Moments

I celebrated my birthday this week, which meant lots of my very favorite thing: the theater! (in case there was any confusion about why I moved to NYC in the first place).  From interactive Shakespeare’s creepy Macbeth, to Disney’s upbeat movie-turned-musical that I was obsessed with at age 10, I’m delighted to say that 31 has been kicked off right.  A theatrical high kick, that is.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?


{macbeth came alive in the three hour performance art piece “sleep no more“…and yes, masks are required}

{discovering this wine, which will now be a staple in my house}

{newsies has long been a favorite disney movie of mine, and i was delighted to see it live, and be able to attend a talk back and meet the talented cast afterwards}

{for the first time ever, getting access to a key to visit the inside of gramercy park}

{for a girl obsessed with the roaring 20’s, the sweetest birthday gift from my future sister-in-law, which will double as a guest book for the wedding reception}








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