New Yorker Moments: Small Traditions

I’ve been reading a lot of New Year’s resolutions on various blogs this month (so inspiring!), so wanted to share my simple resolution intention for 2014.

Make meaningful, small traditions.

Growing up, traditions were always huge in my house: from big ones like sitting on the hearth with my sisters every Christmas morning in our matching pj’s, to smaller ones like my mom leaving inspirational quotes in my lunch box from Kindergarden through 12th grade (so not kidding!), this is the stuff that memories are made of.  Being newly married, I’m so excited to begin some of our own family traditions.  Here’s what I got so far:

A Sentence A Day

As a wedding gift, my sister gave me this adorable Every Day: A Five-Year Memory Book, in which you write one sentence, every day, for 5 whole years.  I love that it’s a tiny time commitment, but will hold a wealth of everyday moments that would otherwise be easily forgettable as time goes on.


Monthly Dinner Parties

A chef I am definitely not, so I’m thankful to have a culinary wizard friend who has inspired me to be more adventurous in the kitchen.  In order to up the “fun” level of this even more, we decided to do monthly themed dinner parties, and alternate hosting.  Every month we pick a theme (French, Mexican, Comfort Food, Green Food, Carb Fest) and and take turns entertaining, movie or game night included.  (One guess: Is the below photo from my dinner party or my friend’s?;-)


Wine Corks

I’ve long been a fan of keeping wine corks after a memorable bottle of vino and conversation, but recently I’ve begun noting on the corks what the celebration was.  From the bigger moments, “engagement anniversary!”, to the smaller moments, “finished Gossip Girl!”, this is an easy way to celebrate the little stuff.


The Annual Holiday Valentine’s Day Card

Because I was swamped in December with wedding festivities, I didn’t get a chance to send out the annual holiday card.  So I thought…”why not send Valentine’s Day cards instead?”  Low and behold, I ordered super cute couple’s stationary that’s dripping with pink (perfect for V-Day, no?!), and will be sending all our besties sweet cards every February.  Receiving snail mail is always fun, especially when it’s not exactly expected.


Early Breakfast

Because of our hectic schedules, the hubby and I don’t often see each other until late in the evening, when that NYC exhaustion has already kicked in.  We recently started rising at an insane hour early, early in the morning to have breakfast together, and I have to say, it’s been one of the best decisions ever.  That small 15 minute window of coffee and conversation really kicks the day off on a happy note.


Do you have any tried and true traditions of your own?  Or any 2014 resolutions/intentions?  Share below!









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