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What a month!  We kicked off 2014 touring Southeast Asia on our honeymoon, which the hubby managed to keep a secret until we arrived at JFK to the gate for Singapore.  For an over-planner like me, this was seriously the best idea ever, because I didn’t have to organize, stress, or think about a thing the entire trip…it was all planned out for me!  I’ll be sure to share more details and photos in the coming months of each country, but here’s a little something to wet your taste buds from our first stop in Cambodia:

Being back in NYC and settling into our routine sans wedding-prep has been lovely…a huge supply of cold weather here so we’re finding ways to keep warm with lots of indoor activities (read: museums and food with a side of Jay-Z.)

What are your favorite ways to keep busy indoors during the winter?  Share below!


{trying to schlep around in this as little as possible}

{day trip up the hudson to visit the dia beacon}

{that’s totally me getting my rap on at the jay-z concert}

{hosting a comfort food dinner party…cause in weather like this, is there any other kind of food?}





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38 Comments on “New Yorker Moments

    • Thank you so much! This photo was taken on the island Song Saa, and afterwards we headed to Siem Reap (hellloooo temple hopping!:-)

      Excited to check out YOUR blog, too!

    • Thanks Fiona! Shocking when our weather actually trumps London’s!

    • So agree! What’s another 24 hour plane ride?;-)

  1. Cune grats! Nothing Southeast Asian about Jay-Z and grilled cheese with hot dogs. Of course, that’s back at home.

    • You’re very lucky to be in that LA sunshine!:-)

    • Thanks Mary! Quite the contrast between sunshine and snow!:-)

    • Yes! I truly loved the 85 degrees of sunshine:-)

  2. That Cambodia picture is absolutely spectacular, Jess. I love you contrasted right back to the NYC winter. You guys have had the most brutal season on the Eastern seaboard. My goodness. I love to cook when it’s staying indoors kind of weather. Can’t wait for the upcoming posts of your travels, our friend! :)
    Mike recently posted..Phoenix’s Trip To The Dog Groomer, A FlashbackMy Profile

    • Yes, nothing cozier than staying home and making yummy food in yucky weather!

      Glad you like the Cambodia photos, we literally took over 2K of them!:-)

  3. Congratulations, Jess!
    That is a wonderful surprise. Kudos to your husband for keeping that under wraps until you got to the airport.

    I was actually out during the snow a few Tuesdays ago. It took me hours to get to my appointment and back home. It’s not been fun. Been cooking and watching a lot of movies but forced myself out on Monday and yesterday. Enjoy your weekend!
    Marcia recently posted..Super Bowl Boulevard is OpenMy Profile

    • Kudos to you! It definitely made for a LONG commute home, huh?

      Have a wonderful weekend, Marcia!

    • It’s an island off the coast (about 45 minutes by boat) called Song Saa. Absolutely beautiful, and some of the nicest people we’ve ever met!

  4. Well,congratulations on your newly married status! That first photo is beautiful and I imagine after all the wedding planning and preparations, it was wonderful to sit back, relax and enjoy the honeymoon.

    I live in Ohio and we’ve had our share of snow and cold- except there isn’t much to do in our smaller town during the winter months when most of the attractions/museums close for the winter.
    Tonya {The Traveling Praters} recently posted..How many Beer Bottles does it take to Build a House?My Profile

    • Thank you, Tonya! It was definitely a great way to unwind and kick off the marriage on an adventurous foot!;-)

      And sometimes sitting in the house with Netflix and popcorn is the best thing EVER!

  5. Your winter snow shot is superb.

    I try to read more in the winter but really I love to be out xcountry skiing and then come home to a good meal and a glass of wine – and perhaps a lounge in a bubble bath if I’m chilled.
    PS What a nice way to start off the year. It’s hard to get back to reality after that.
    Leigh recently posted..A Winter Walking Tour of MontrealMy Profile

    • Thanks Leigh! It sounds like you have the winter enjoyment under control! Snowshoeing is one of my favorites, so I think cross country skiing could be great to try, too!

  6. I’m very envious of you going to Dia! I had this on my to do list for our last trip in New York but we ran out of time, even though we were there just under two weeks! I love seeing New York in winter…at times it looks so romantic in and at other times, it just looks so very, very cold! You certainly found some great ways to keep warm!
    jenny@atasteoftravel recently posted..Made in BensonhurstMy Profile

    • It was a very cool museum (more to come in another post!), and also part of a super cute town, which is a fun way to spend a day out of the city, for sure!

  7. Ooh I can’t wait to read more about your honeymoon! It must have been really hard to come back to the Polar Vortex after that! I spent five winters living in NYC and the only part I really disliked was climbing over huge piles of dirty snow on my walk to work. I loved going ice skating and taking long walks in Central Park, which looks like a fairyland in the snow!
    Heather recently posted..The Best Meals We Ate in NYC: Northern and Eastern Europe EditionMy Profile

    • Ahh, the dirty snow! Especially fun when it’s piles of slush, right?;-)

      But you’re right…Central Park is a dream when it’s fluffy and white!

    • Haha, I totally hear you…maybe hibernation until spring is a good option?;-)