New Yorker Moments

What a month!  We kicked off 2014 touring Southeast Asia on our honeymoon, which the hubby managed to keep a secret until we arrived at JFK to the gate for Singapore.  For an over-planner like me, this was seriously the best idea ever, because I didn’t have to organize, stress, or think about a thing the entire trip…it was all planned out for me!  I’ll be sure to share more details and photos in the coming months of each country, but here’s a little something to wet your taste buds from our first stop in Cambodia:

Being back in NYC and settling into our routine sans wedding-prep has been lovely…a huge supply of cold weather here so we’re finding ways to keep warm with lots of indoor activities (read: museums and food with a side of Jay-Z.)

What are your favorite ways to keep busy indoors during the winter?  Share below!


{trying to schlep around in this as little as possible}

{day trip up the hudson to visit the dia beacon}

{that’s totally me getting my rap on at the jay-z concert}

{hosting a comfort food dinner party…cause in weather like this, is there any other kind of food?}





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