A New York Minute In Beckie’s Apartment


We are so excited to welcome Beckie Stravers to the blog today to share her lovely NYC home with us!

What neighborhood do you live in?

Forest Hills… or as I like to call it, “Deep Queens”

How long have you lived in this apartment, and who do you share your home with?

I moved from Astoria (where I’d lived since 2007) in July so… 6 months? Cohabiting in a studio apartment in a new neighborhood with my boyfriend has been an adventure… I think everyone should do it because it’s hilarious, you learn to enjoy alone time with wine in the bathroom.

What kind of “home decor” or style defines your space?

Finders keepers + the usual flat pack furniture suspects.

What’s your favorite feature of the apartment itself? 

Laundry in the building!

What are your favorite pieces in your apartment, and where did you get them?

Top 5:

1. That old drawer turned bookshelf—found on the street in Brooklyn and carried all the way home on the N train.

2. The yellow mirror—thrifted in Astoria & repainted. When I moved in July out of my apartment with my roommate whom I had lived with for over 5 years, he insisted I take it and give it a new home and I’m so glad it didn’t wind up in the donate pile.

3. All of my books—no kindle, no library, no problem…

4. Those armoire doors turned shelves (sisters of the drawer I think)—long story, my old roommate and I found these on the street and hoarded them for a few years before he added brackets and turned them into shelves one day. Re-hanging these in the Deep Queens apartment almost broke me. (Real talk: I still haven’t sanded and repainted the spackled holes from multiple failed attempts, thank god for photoshop!)

5. Myrtle—she’s the dress form we found on the street and last year I lit her with Christmas lights and it’s pretty great.

What’s your number one tip for NYC living?

A good commute and natural light are worth the rent so get those in whatever size variation and neighborhood you can afford: oh, and purge each season.

Thank you so much for sharing your home with us, Beckie!  You can find more of Beckie on her blog, Instagram and Twitter.


Want to share your NYC apartment on the site?  Drop us a note at info@usedyorkcity.com! 



26 Responses to “A New York Minute In Beckie’s Apartment”

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  2. Lovely decor, I would love to be there. keep posting

  3. wow.. that’s quite a change but I LOVE the furniture and accomodations she made in style.. VERY ingenius
    Stevie Wilson recently posted..5 Ways for Guys to Surprise Their Valentine: Suggestions by PRZMan creator/founder, Pirooz Sarshar.My Profile

    • Used York City says:

      It’s great, right?! Makes studio living feel comfortable and a place you want to come home to.

  4. Leigh says:

    Always love to look inside people’s homes as I love design. We built a home on a rock in Vancouver with the help of an architect so details matter to me. Also love checking out the photo of the books for ideas since we seem to have similar tastes.
    Leigh recently posted..A Stay in the Oldest Hotel Room (1725 AD) in MontrealMy Profile

  5. lovely to see real books! very stylish – you’d be a hackney or shoreditch girl if you lived in London!
    Fiona Maclean recently posted..Simple 5:2 Diet Tomato Sauce -with Non-Diet Sausages;)My Profile

    • Used York City says:

      Ohh, I’m going to google those right away, Fiona! Gotta get up to date on my London lingo!;-)

  6. Mette says:

    Great decor. Her use of picture frames is really inspiring.
    Mette recently posted..Pot roast veal in walnut sauceMy Profile

  7. Scarlett says:

    Omg it’s like Carrie Bradshaw’s flat!
    Scarlett recently posted..How to fake a dinner partyMy Profile

  8. Mike says:

    Holy smokes, that apartment is gorgeous! I love the hardwood floors and everything is so bright and cheery too. But, the best part was the books/bookshelf because she has “The Art Of Racing In The Rain” tucked away in there. One of my favorite all time books! Thanks for sharing this with us, Jess! :)
    Mike recently posted..My First Time Chicken StrippingMy Profile

  9. Heather says:

    Awww, this makes me miss my cute little NYC apartments! It’s amazing how resourceful and creative you become when space is such an issue. I once paid a random guy on the street $10 to help me carry a heavy wood desk from a thrift store 5 blocks and up three flights of stairs to my apartment. Only in New York!
    Heather recently posted..New York City Revisited: A Fanciful RetreatMy Profile

    • Used York City says:

      Haha, I love that, Heather! There are certainly some great finds in local thrift shops…too bad we’re so limited in space!;-)

  10. Kevin says:

    Nostalgic depiction of voyeuristic title. :)

  11. Becky is so inspirational. I follow her and admire her! Oh, and since I live in Forest Hills too I think she should come over and help me camouflage my IKEA apartment ;)

  12. Maria Falvey says:

    Thanks for peek inside, like the styling of her place and the natural light.
    Maria Falvey recently posted..Waiting for the Number 8My Profile

    • Used York City says:

      Isn’t the light AMAZING?! Kind of what all New Yorkers mostly dream about:-)

    • Thanks Maria!

      When we were looking at apartments in this building there was actually another apartment on the 3rd floor that was the same layout and a bit cheaper, but paying the extra $ has been worth it just to be up where the light is (we have three exposures). I’m a home body, so I like to put my money right where I can see it!
      Beckie@Cubicle57 recently posted..4 Go-to Colors for a Power LipMy Profile