Nina’s European Day Spa And Laser Center

I’m pretty loyal when it comes to my massages, but in all honesty, trekking down to Chinatown in this bone-chilling cold just isn’t happening for me.  A friend recommended Nina’s European Day Spa and Laser Center, centrally located on 35th and 5th, and promised it would live up to my high standards of DEEP-deep tissue.  (I mean, I have a ridiculously tight back under normal circumstances, but the Polar Vortex conditions are magnifying that by a bijillion.  Just saying.)  Anyhow, Jess was impressed.

I started off with a facial, including cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, massage, AND a mask (when in a day spa, eh?), and particularly loved how the esthetician Natalie didn’t try to up-sell at all during the process.  Any other place in the city I have tried has always done this (NO, I don’t want gold flakes rubbed into my face, thank you very much!), and I really feel it takes away from the whole relaxing experience.  I was super pleased that there was none of this involved, along with the fact that I was left in my cozy cocoon to nap under the hot steam for a pleasant amount of time, warding off the chill from outside.

Next, I was off to the massage room!  My high expectations were exceeded by the lovely therapist, Inga.  I knew we’d get along when she started the massage with “Just tell me if I’m going too hard…”  (No!  It’s perfect!)  The combo of the deep tissue, warming oils, hot towels, and strong, strong hands was the absolute best medicine to fight off the Polar Vortex.  Not to mention, I didn’t have to trek all the way downtown to get it.  Ladies, I will be seeing you again soon.

For our UsedYorkCity readers, we’re super excited to be offering you the following 2-for-1 deal!  I’ll see you there:-)

WHERE: Nina’s European Day Spa and Laser Center
5 West 35th Street
New York, New York  10001


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By: Jessica Tiare Bowen


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26 Comments on “Nina’s European Day Spa And Laser Center

    • Oh, LOVE pedicures and foot massages, too! This is seriously such a guilty pleasure topic for me, Stevie!:-)

    • Location is such an important factor during the winter for me…such a wimp when it comes to slush and cold!;-)

  1. Jess, you’ve been reading my mind. This Is PERFECT! I was JUST saying how I NEED a massage but Chinatown FEELS like it’s on another universe right now. Thanks for this deal, I’m looking forward to handing over my neck and back (esp) to Inga!
    Marcia recently posted..Valentine’s Day Stories About How They MetMy Profile

    • Yay, Marcia! I’m so glad, and I can’t wait to hear about your experience! Inga is AWESOME!

  2. Sorry I’m over here so late! Gawd, this sounds sooooo good right, Jess! I was curious that you liked the deep tissue massage I’ve heard or seen on tv that they can be a bit uncomfortable?? A spa certificate is a frequent gift I give to my close female friends and Nina’s would get my business for sure! :)
    Mike recently posted..Phoenix, My Golden Retriever, The Notorious Ball Cap BanditoMy Profile

    • You know, I think it really depends on personal preference…I personally LOVE a deep massage, but I know others prefer the very gentle Swedish or aromatherapy massages…(both of which they offer here, too!) And yes, spa certificates are some of the best gifts I’ve ever received, such a great idea!

    • Haha, maybe they will start a down under franchise!;-)

    • You so should! Just mention the UYC offer when you make your reservation and you should be golden!:-)

    • Yay, thank YOU, Nina! We can’t wait to come back! xo