New Yorker Moments: So You Wanna Wear Your Wedding Dress Twice…

Let’s call a spade a spade: I wanted an excuse to wear my wedding dress twice.  (Kidding!)  But seriously, having a secret elopement on a rooftop in NYC with only our chihuahua and parents, and then keeping it hush-hush for 5 whole months (ekkk!), and surprising our guests with the video of our ceremony at what they THOUGHT was the wedding was buckets of fun.

We got the best of both worlds: a super intimate ceremony where we could be our sappy, mushy selves without the pressure of everything that goes along with a wedding or an audience for our vows (seriously, there’s nothing I hate more than public speaking when I’m emotional!), and got to be husband in wife in SECRET for months before revealing it to the world (best idea ever!), and THEN got to dress all our friends up like flappers and newsboys from the twenties, drink champagne and dance on tables.  They were the two best days of our lives!  Well, maybe the second and third best days…meeting Mr. P for the very first time will always be my very favorite day.

Here’s 10 amazing moments that were so, so special.  

7.7.13–Our secret elopement!  (We even surprised our parents, they thought they were coming over for a “food tasting” for the wedding, and then, surprise!  Here we are, ready to get our vows on, an excerpt from “The Little Prince” being read.  They loved it:-)

12.6.13–Having our bridal party dance in to Chris Brown’s “Forever”.  This was pretty much my dream wedding entrance since watching it on The Office years ago.  Proud to say, our bridal party trumped Michael Scott and Company!

Watching the expressions of our sisters + friends as they watched the video!

Having our bestie as the ring bearer (again!), and temporarily lose the bands, which were found later in the bottom of his bag.  Oh, Gills!

Seeing all the DIY projects come together to create a truly magical 1920’s literary-love night!  (In all shades of blush and bashful, of course!)

Dressing all our favorite people up in 1920’s garb.

My 83 year old grandma came all the way from Richmond to be by my side.  Love her!

Our first dance was a waltz to “10 Minutes Ago” from the musical Cinderella, sang by my sister and dear friend, making it extra special.

Dancing with my dad to a rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Best Day” that I wrote just for him.  The very talented Jessica Lynn singing!  Here’s the song: The Best Day {to Dad, love Jess}

Spending the rest of forever with this guy right here.

Advice for future brides that want to wear their dress twice (or more?!)  Go for it, darlings!  Like everything in life, your wedding is an expression of who you and your partner are, and so what if it bucks from tradition?  It’s one of the big moments in life that you can make exactly how YOU dreamed it to be, so get imaginative with that dream, make it sparkle.  We had concerns that some of our guests would feel slighted that they didn’t see the ceremony in person (and that we kept it secret for months in order to surprise them!), but you know what?  Everyone was so supportive and awesome about it.  So whatever your thing may be, I say make it what will cause you to look back in 50 years and say “By golly, how lucky am I to have gotten my dream partner AND dream wedding?”

A huge thank you, darling readers, for letting me share these unforgettable New Yorker moments.  Wishing you all the happiest Valentine’s Day!






p.s.  Our vendors?  The absolute BEST!  I can’t rave enough about each and every one of them, and would recommend any of the below in an absolute heartbeat!

Wedding Planner: Brilliant Event Planning
Wedding Photograher: Brklyn View Photography 
Video + Reception Photographer: Generic Brand Human 
Officiant: Bettina Yiannakourou
Wedding Venue: The Surrey
Reception Venue: Housing Works Bookstore
DJ: A Starry Night DJ
Gown: Bhldn
Hair: FaceTime Beauty Concierge
Makeup: The Illustrious Kenny









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