Lessons In Blogging From Garance Dore

Seeing the darling Garance Dore at the French Institute Alliance Francaise during her “Style Stories” interview was already a highlight of my month life.  I find this French girl the epitome of all things style and vogue, from the perfect application of her red lipstick to her ability to create a denim on denim outfit without it looking like a Canadian tuxedo, and follow her blog religiously.  Tres chic hardly does her justice.

Interviewed by Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist,  I was expecting to get fashion tips such as her can’t live without flats (Porsellis) and her wardrobe staples (white jeans and gray knits).  What I wasn’t expecting during the interview, though, were her words of wisdom and tips on blogging, which I also found truly brilliant.

{Note, I was scribbling frantically with a little pencil during the interview, so a word for word perfect transcripton this is not.  But as close enough as I could scrawl.}

On Starting Out

“My parents thought that being an artist meant that I would live under a bridge.  I met artists and yes, they were starving, but they were very happy starving.  I took my chance and said, ‘I’m going to be poor and that’s fine.’  And every day I would publish a new illustration on my blog that I spent an hour doing, then go about my day…that’s how it started.”

On Inspiration

“Inspiration gets diffused as you get older, cause you’ve achieved more.  I’ve met a lot of people I admire but most the time I find I’m better not to…this has helped me to not idealize people.  A sunny afternoon and lots of natural sunlight prove to be inspiration enough.”

On Her Writing Style

“I always write like I’m talking to one person.”

On Finding Your Niche

“In France, niche means ‘dog house’.  I think a link to certain people will always be there when blogging, your audience may be small, but they will be engaged by you being honest.  You can’t fake sincerity.”

On Humor

“I promise you I’m very funny, just not very funny in English.”

(Totally disagree here, she’s hysterical.  And that accent!)

On Breaking Out

“Always take big chances but make it look easy.”

On Success (From Interviewer Scott)

“It’s really her day in and day out, the only way to be a successful blogger is to be really honest.”

On Fashion

Scott: “I don’t think we’re materialistic people considering how much we love fashion.”

Garance: “Actually, I am.”

(Seriously, see how funny she is?!)

Fashion at FIAF will be continuing through the end of March.  And of course, the FIAF is New York’s premiere cultural and language center to go for all things French, so make sure to stay abreast of their upcoming events on their website.

Have you heard any good words of wisdom on blogging lately?  Share below!


By: Jessica Tiare Bowen






  • Angel says:

    No words of wisdom here but I’ll tell you what frustrates me the most about blogging. The technical side! I spent five hours last night trying to fix the subscription thingy. Apparently nobody had been able to subscribe for god knows how long.

    I just want to spend the little time I have writing not having to deal with the techie stuff.

    • Used York City says:

      Ahh, I definitely hear you on that one, Angel! I find it’s good to have a techie “on-call” for issues like that…Craigslist is great for finding people that will take a quick $20 for a few minutes of fixing a problem that would take us non-techies HOURS;-)

  • Lisa Wood says:

    I have been blogging for about four years….and now I blog to share from the heart. I also blog about our life {and family} so that one day my boys can sit down and read about their childhood, memories, experiences and growing up.
    I no longer blog for money – its not for me. There are far too many bloggers out there and its a cut throat business – I was getting too stressed about the analytics side of it all so I took time off to forget about the numbers and now I blog when I feel the need.
    To me that it is what blogging is all about – connection, sharing, inspirations, and dreams :)

    • Used York City says:

      Thanks so much for sharing, Lisa! And I LOVE that you blog to document your boys’ childhood…what a special thing for them to someday sit down and read!

  • love this: ***I met artists and yes, they were starving, but they were very happy starving!!*** xx

  • Scarlett says:

    I’ve actually never heard of her before, but she sounds fabulous! Will definitely be looking up more of her stuff!! xx

  • She is so beautiful and does have such words of wisdom! Just be yourself – be real – be honest. How simple!!

  • Mike says:

    OMG this part is so cool from Garance on her writing style, ““I always write like I’m talking to one person.” That’s how I’ve always written and it’s been a huge success! Thank you for sharing her with us, Jess :)

  • I’ve heard this same thing about 3x in the last month “write like you’re talking to one person” just like she does. Thank you for introducing me to this French inspiration and artist, blogger…I love this. Her illustrations are gorgeous!

    • Used York City says:

      You’re so welcome! And glad to hear the the advice from multiple sources, they must be on to something!;-)

  • Melissa says:

    I was at the same event! They are such a sweet and fresh couple. I loved how he could not stop talking her up and was genuinely amazed by her work. She was so down to earth and real (yes, and funny!). Her advice about being yourself was so simple but so true and something I will try to keep in mind. I’m glad you enjoyed the talk!

    • Used York City says:

      It was SO good, right?! They are adorable and I’m super happy I got to finally see her in person:-)

      Excited to check out your blog! xx

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