New Yorkers’ Choice: The Best Pizza In NYC

We’re bringing a very important topic to the table today, folks: Pizza!  The pizza slice is perhaps one of the most iconic NYC foods, and with a pizzeria (or three!) on practically every corner, it’s tough to narrow down from the good to the great. 

Not gonna lie: I’m not picky when it comes to pizza.  In fact, when posed with the question “If you were on death row, what would be your last meal request?”, it’s undoubtably always going to be pizza.  I’ve rarely met a slice I don’t like (and in that case, it’s probably because it’s been sitting out too long.)  So I turned to the experts: NYers themselves!  Here’s what they had to say:


Picking your favorite pizza is like picking your favorite child: Everyone has one, but no one wants to tell. I’m always on the search for a great NY slice that only locals know about. John’s of Elmhurst, Pizzeria Classica in Glendale are great ones, but my latest obsession is Mama Carmela’s in Astoria. It’s in a totally impractical spot but stays in business because of an incredible loyal, local following. Trying the slice, I loved the clean, sweet sauce and the cheese which gave me one of those burn bubbles on the roof of my mouth. It reminded me of the pizza of my childhood. -Jeff @JeffreyTastes + I Want More Food


Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn for the thin style brick oven pizza. Worth traveling over to. Love the slightly charred bottom and the history behind the place. -Phil @RegularGuyNYC + The Regular Guy NYC

DiFaras #nycpizza best ever.  Thin crunchy crust, perfect sauce, Parma and fresh basil, beautiful EVVO.  Flavor burst 9.5! -Steve @ssinkoff


Margarita from Keste.  The quintessential pizza done perfectly.  Proof of the power of simplicity and great ingredients. -Paul @TheCityLane

After stumbling upon this rustic yet chic, chandelier clad pizza joint, Forcella Eatery, we were overjoyed by the menu. Pizza Sandwiches? WHAT. Signature Pizzas? Yes Please. Create Your Own Pie? PERF. This Naples-style brick oven pizza was crunchy, delicious and included an array of toppings to complete the perfect personal pie. Our go-to favorite, the Porta Capuana, has burrata, arugula, prosciutoo, and pecorino, need I say more? Oh and they have gluten free options! -Ricki + Sophia @chow_down_nyc

Motorino–best balance of downtown cool and purist pies! -@PieNearby

Joe’s Pizza on Carmine Street is still my favorite. -@TheGirlinNYC

Can’t deny that it’s 2 Bros.  Maybe I’m just broke, but it’s only $1 a slice and pretty damn delicious.  Def beats other $1 ‘za.  -Shanna @BananaintheCity

My choice will be My Pie Pizzeria in Midtown East. I might be slightly obsessed with them. Sooo delish! -@FacelessNYer

Luzzo’s!! -Amanda @ManhattanTwist

Real #nycpizza at Empire Pizza…greasy, cheesy, crispy- that’s what I’m talking about! -Amelia @amelianycmadrid

Still having trouble deciding where to grab your next slice?  In our quest for the best pizzeria, we came across 2 must-have apps for any NYC pizza lover that will narrow it down even more: Cheazza, which tells you where to find all the dollar slices in the city, and Real Pizza of New York, an app that gives the user the best pizza recommendations in the city, broken up by neighborhood.  Buon appetitio, my friends!

What are we missing?  Share your go-to pizza joint below!  


By: Jessica Tiare Bowen


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  • I was so unequipped to contribute to this article, but I loved reading it! I need to get out there and eat more pizza!

    • Used York City says:

      Yay so glad you enjoyed it, and hope you got some inspiration for your next slice!;-)

  • Andrea says:

    YUMYUMYUM! I just love pizza – I have always maintained that it is a perfectly balanced, even healthy meal. Nobody ever agrees with me, ha! And NY slices are my fav. I would say I miss them but would you believe that we found a place in Houston (actually in Katy, shocking!) that makes a perfect NY style pizza. Thank goodness!

    • Used York City says:

      That’s AWESOME! I love when you can find your favorite eats at local spots, like a mini-vacation!;-)

  • Krystle Cook says:

    All of these pizzas look so good. I hope to visit New York one day and have an amazing slice.

  • ben says:

    Yummy! 😀 OMG I will definitely buy this pizza there.

  • My mouth is watering from all those pizza pics! I will surely be doing a taste test next time I am in New York!

  • Catherine says:

    I want some pizza so bad right now! All of these places sound amazing. One of my fave pizza places has to be Pizza Hut, just having a bite of one of their pizzas brings back so many great childhood memories :)

    • Used York City says:

      I’m such a fan of Pizza Hut’s thick crust on their individual pizza, SO tasty!:-)

  • Scarlett says:

    Oh good god. Need pizza. Now! x

  • Heather says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Patsy’s Pizza, the one on University Place. Classic Margarita is best! I also LOVED the pizza from this place I used to order from when I lived in Murray Hill, but it’s been so long now the name escapes me. But like you, I’m not terribly picky when it comes to NYC-style pizza :-)

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  • I’ll give you my picks by the three boroughs I frequent —

    Queens: Pizza Sam in Jackson Heights

    Brooklyn: Sottocasa

    City: Any of the two Joe’s Pizza (Carmine or E.14th Street) for a “walk down the street” slice and Numero 28 on 2nd Ave & 11th Street.

    They are all family run and 100% authentic. Two huge variables when it comes to me choosing pizza. $1 slices get no play from this native Brooklynite. Oh, and by the way, Grimaldi’s is a tourist trap — Sottocasa is the authenticity champ in the home boro.

    • Used York City says:

      Ahh, thanks for sharing, Orlando! I definitely look forward to checking those out, I’ve heard GREAT things about Sottocasa!

  • Mike says:

    OH. MY. GAWD!!!! You KNOW I did backflips out of my chair with yummy excitement seeing this, Jess!!! I am a pizza addict! i would literally start go to each neighborhood to eat at every place. One caveat…I can’t eat red sauce so my pizzas come without. I don’t even miss it after 20 years now. Off to eat some cold leftover pizza with a glass a fat free milk now!! Awesome post :)

    • Used York City says:

      I loooovvvee the white cheese pizza without red sauce, Mike! Seriously one of my go-to favorite meals:-)

      Glad you enjoyed!

  • two brothers is on my block, so it winds up being the go-to drunk food on the way back from the bar 😉

  • Phil says:

    Mmmmm…… Thanks for the shout out and including me in this post!

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