FoodPorn Friday: Houston Hall


Thursday night in the city and you want to know where all the cool kids are?  Head downtown to Houston Street, and chances are you’ll hear them before you see them.

(yes.  it’s loud.  but embrace it and you’ll have a good time, promise.)

Houston Hall is, by Manhattan standards, a ginormous beer hall decked out like a cafeteria from the 1920’s: long communal tables, rustic decor, dim lighting…this vintage vibe is only offset by the huge screens/TVs playing the season’s it sport, and the top 40’s music playing soundtrack to the game.  The Choice A of spots to go to hang with old friends, meet new ones, all while having conversation be completely optional, which, let’s be honest, is kinnndddaa nice after a long week in the office.

Now, I realize most people go to beer gardens for, well, the beer.  And considering they brew at Greenpoint Beer Works, that’s all fine and good.  But you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you go and didn’t order the food…lots of it.  

The portions are generous, the picks go splendidly with the beer garden theme, and, get this, it’s a vegetarian’s dream.  Who would have thought?!  All the dishes featured below are veggie friendly and crazy good.  If I lived in the hood I’d be ordering takeout from this place all the time, it’s that kinda good.

I know what you’re thinking: so many options, right?!  Life decisions can be hard, my friends.  If you need a little guidance, I’d go with the fried pickles, fried macaroni and cheese balls, and pretzel with warm cheese.  Ya know, cause 2/3’s of the options with the word “fried” in it isn’t bad.  Plus, they’re insanely good…between my dinner date and I, we shamefully proudly finished every last morsel of those three dishes.

Without any further adieu, let the food porn begin…

Houston Hall by Houston Hall by Houston Hall by Houston Hall by Houston Hall by Houston Hall by Houston Hall by


WHERE: Houston Hall
222 West Houston Street
New York, New York 

What’s the most memorable dish you’ve eaten this week?  Describe below!


By: Jessica Tiare Bowen






  • The Funster says:

    Being a displaced native NYC resident, I use to love to go down to the village especially the Bleeker Street area for great food, drink, and music! Houston Hall (and yes as I understand it, it’s pronounced “Howston”), sounds like a great place to eat and drink! Your photos made me hungry for NY! Great post, thanks for the photos too!

    • Used York City says:

      Awesome, glad you liked the photos (and extra kudos for the correct pronunciation!;-)

  • What are the food dishes featured in the photos of tacos, sliders and the deep fried *something* that is just above the pretzel? Those are interesting. I think this makes me HUNGRY

    memorable dish? Chipotle chicken salad I am very sorry to say– unless it’s a cool blend of two different Dreyers /EDYS ice cream flavors.

    • Used York City says:

      Fried pickles! Dipped in a zesty ranch sauce, they were incredible!

      And chipotle chicken salad is a great dish! I’m a huge fan of Chipotle;-)

  • Actually it was a rather posh meal that I haven’t written up yet – we had 40 day old aged pork – which was fabulous! In a building where Samuel Peyps used to live and designed Lutyen

  • Catherine says:

    The food looks amazing, would love to try fried macaroni and cheese balls, sounds divine!

    The most memorable meal I’ve had this week is definitely the homemade burgers we had yesterday. Toasted bread buns, homemade beef burgers, crispy bacon and melted camembert. They were amazing!

    • Used York City says:

      Catherine, those sound incredible! And the power of a toasted bread bun goes a long, long way!

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