Jump, Jump!

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I still remember the excitement of my sisters and I as we peaked out the window on Christmas eve and saw that Santa had delivered the greatest thing ever: our very own trampoline!

Many an afternoon was spent on that thing, which miraculously never felt like exercise.  Which is why I got super excited when I heard about a trampoline dance class in Tribeca.

Simply as cool as it sounds, JumpLife’s 45 minute JumpDance class is held with the lights off, music up, and party strobes in every color of the rainbow bouncing around the room.  Oh, hello disco party!

I won’t go as far to say this didn’t feel like exercise…it’s no doubt a workout and had me wondering where in the world my 7 year old self stamina went!  But much, much more preferable to running on the treadmill or cycling in place.  Jumplife, I have my party pants ready for next week!

Have you tried any fun workout classes lately?  Share below!

WHERE: JumpLife Studio
404 Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York, New York
COST: First Time Class $18, Single Class $28


p.s. Personal items are not allowed on the studio floor, so be sure to bring a lock for your locker or be prepared to rent one!


By: Jessica Tiare Bowen




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