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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to certain things in life: walking routes with my dog, Friday night pizza delivery, and places to eat in Chinatown.  And ever since my jury duty stint 2 years ago in lower-Manhattan, the Excellent Dumpling House has remained my go-to for the latter.  I mean…an inexpensive, authentic, QUALITY Chinese place that never fails to deliver 5 days a week for an almost 2 month long trial?  Earns loyalty for life from this girl!

While always crowded, service is exceptionally speedy and I’ve never waited to get a seat as a solo diner.  Communal dining is the norm in this no-frills joint, but don’t worry, people are too busy slurping on their big bowls of noodles so conversation engagement is rare.

You’ll start with a pot of (free!) hot tea while perusing the menu.  Obviously, their excellent dumplings are a solid choice (veggie dumplings being my fave), and I’d also order a side of scallion pancakes…crispy, crunchy, and packs a punch of flavor, especially when soaked in soy sauce.  So good, so good!

They have the more traditional “Chinese lunch” (seen below) that will give you a bowl of soup, main dish, spring roll and rice for a little under $7.  Bonus points for having the best egg drop soup I’ve ever tasted…complete with corn nibbles!

Have to say…the saddest part of that trial ending was my daily lunches at the Excellent Dumpling House, so I always make a point to swing by for some bites whenever I’m in the hood.  The only thing this place is guilty of is living up to its name.

Excellent Dumping House by

Excellent Dumping House by

Excellent Dumping House by

What’s the most memorable dish you’ve eaten this week?  Describe below! 

WHEREExcellent Dumpling House
111 Lafayette Street
New York, New York


 By: Jessica Tiare Bowen





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