Choice Streets Presents The Best Food Trucks In NYC

It was a nippy Wednesday evening and of course I didn’t dress accordingly for the weather. However, having been to the previous Village Voice Choice Eats event, I made sure that I had eaten light for the occasion. The volunteers and security led us to the press table where we were given a special ticket tag and later we were given a tasting glass. The jumbo tag listed all the food trucks parked along side the Intrepid. This ticket was promising me a happy belly.

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I decided to go to the first truck in line and work my way down the parking lot in a zigzag form.  I couldn’t describe the excitement of having each truck hole punched by a Choice Streets volunteer on my tag!  As I received my sample from each truck, I was snapping pictures of each plate and sending them via Snapchat to all my friends (I was being a show-off).  Each truck offered something different in taste and in culture. Each vendor left me wanting a bigger portion but by the time I was done with one sample, my tag was already being hole punched for the next sample.  I thought I was prepared but who was I kidding?  There was too much to handle for one stomach.  I made it around the parking lot to 13 out of 23 food trucks! My top 5 are as follows:

#5: Kelvin Natural Slush Co.: Serving me an all-natural frozen adult beverage, I will definitely be paying them a visit this summer with my girls!


#4: Coolhaus: Keeping it sweet and cool with this amazing Mint Ice Cream Sandwich, I can’t wait to try more of their flavors on a hot summer day.


#3: Mike ‘N Willies: This Lil Piggie went to Choice Streets and this Lil Piggie never made it home! My favorite part of this pulled pork sandwich was the homemade chipotle BBQ! Yum!


#2: Luke’s Lobster: The Shrimp roll was perfection! I couldn’t go back for seconds but I’ll be making my way to the truck for a meal very soon.


#1: Carl’s Steaks: I’ve never been to Philly but this NYC Philly Cheesesteak is claimed to be the boss of all Phillies and my belly can agree! It’s mouthwatering to even think about!


Along with the food trucks, each of the sponsors of the event also had their own table on the parking lot. Casamigos Tequila was serving up some citrus cocktails that demanded a second round after the first sip. Barefoot Wine and Bubbly offered some choices for more than one type of wine lover.  I decided on the sweet summer red wine – it was a great choice.  My favorite sponsored pit stop was the Official Photo Booth Presented by Fairway Market.  There were some props if you wanted to be silly or you could just photo bomb for fun!  I did a solo session and came back for another session where I made a new friend named Adam.  I think the photos speak for themselves…

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 Do you have a favorite food truck?  Share below!


By: Denise Pina





  • Heather says:

    I need that ice cream sandwich in my life!!

  • I adore street food and the chance to taste so many different things. I will be doing something similar in 2 weeks.

  • Scarlett says:

    I love that food trucks are a thing in NYC. buying food from a vehicle in England prwtty much guarantees salmonella and some sort of unknown STD. But I love that it gives you a chance to tey new lovely foods in the US. cannot wait to visit xxx

  • Agness says:

    I can see there is a great variety of street food in NYC. I’ve been eating super healthy recently, but you are temping me to make a sin of eating this delicious looking mint ice cream sandwich! 😀

    • Used York City says:

      I do believe that the US has much more junky street food than Asia does as a whole…I remember seeing very healthy food when I was there…fruits, veggies, and eggs (surely a lot healthier than the ice cream!;-)

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