My NYC Summer To-Do List

Since summer is now in full swing (last day of NYC public schools was yesterday!), I put together my top 10 NYC activities I would love to accomplish before Labor Day, all things I haven’t yet experienced in my 9 years of living here.  As they get ticked off, I’ll be sure to share the best of them here with you! Summer

1. Visit the smallest park in NYC.

2. Move into my 8th New York apartment in 9 years (I think this one’s a keeper, guys!)

3. Take a guided tour of the Tenement Museum.

4. See an apartment that is…get this…a roomful of dirt.

5. Read a book next to a 25 foot waterfall in Midtown.

6. Try out a meditation class.

7. On 7.7, renew our vows in Central Park (one year already?!)

8. Pick a really, really hot day and try goat’s milk ice cream from Victory Garden.

9. Hike around the perimeter of Roosevelt Island.

10. Inspired by this NYC staple, create my own signature mock & cocktails, chilled in the fridge and ready to sip on a moment’s notice.

I’d love to know…what’s on your summer to-do list?




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22 Comments on “My NYC Summer To-Do List

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  3. Great list!!!!! The tenement museum sounds interesting!

    • Thanks! Super excited to check it out:-)

    • Mmm, I may just need to look into this basil grande you speak of, Scarlett! xx

    • Seems like a relaxing way to while away an afternoon, right?;-)

  4. Would love to know more about the new digs!
    I realize that there must be a 25 foot waterfall in Midtown for you to put that on the bucket list

    while you find the meditation class. you might want to take a BREATHING class (active meditation ) with Dr. Belisa! She is amazing.

    congrats on 1 year. and let me know about the goats milk thing!
    GREAT list.
    Stevie Wilson recently posted..Breathe… Just Breathe with Dr. Belisa Vranich! Get Centered, Chill + Feel Great! #podcastMy Profile

    • Thanks so much for the tip on the breathing class, Stevie! I will certainly keep you posted on the new place…right now we’re living out of boxes, prepping for the movie!

    • That seems to be a favorite…I certainly can’t wait!;-)

    • Thanks Catherine! Good luck with your list, too! Summer is always such a fun time:-)

    • Flushing is great! So much to eat…!

    • Oh where are you going Fiona?? I know how stressful the whole moving process can be, I feel like we’ve been up to our knees in it since January!

    • Haha I’m VERY much looking forward to that one, as well!;-) Let me know if you try any good cones down your way!