A Walk Through NYC’s Smallest Park

You may remember way back when I mentioned one of my goals for the blog was to start incorporating video. I think this got put off for so long because, well, only so many hours in a day!  But then I realized that video doesn’t have to mean mega productions (who has the attention span for that anyway?!), and that a short snippet of something experienced in NYC or during my travels would be the perfect snapshot…A New York Minute!

So today I’m bringing you the first video, which takes you on a minute long walk through NYC’s smallest park, also one of the things slated to accomplish on my NYC Summer To-Do List (bam! done and done!)  I hope you like it!

WHAT: Septuagesimo Uno
71st Street, between Amsterdam and West End Avenue
New York, New York





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22 Comments on “A Walk Through NYC’s Smallest Park

    • Haha you’re too sweet, Marcia! I hope you love the park as much as I did!:-)

    • Thanks Maria! Always appreciate your enthusiasm!

    • Ohh, not too far at all! Next time you’re in NY, right?;-)

    • It’s very well hidden…if you didn’t know it was there or live in that very neighborhood it’s probably pretty rare that you’d stumble upon it!

    • Ahh, secret garden! I love that comparison!;-)

    • I would LOVE to see video on your blog, Bintu! Some cooking tutorials, maybe?!:-)

    • Thanks darling! If only I had one of those amazing British accents for the narration…! I’m certain I would never shut up!;-)

  1. You are my rock star and hero for doing this, Jess! You did WONDERFUL!!! I’ve wanted to put a video up on my blog for the longest time and just gotta figure out one leeeeetle thing (downsizing the file size) then I will. You just gave the reminder to make it a higher priority. The park looks and sounds great and I’m all about having a place all to myself! We hope you’re having a great week! :)
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    • Haha thanks Mike! I look forward to learning and improving as I get more practice…I can’t wait to see YOUR video! I hope Phoenix will make an appearance?!