New Yorker Moments: One Year

ty_sAVAvqoZrvjkeZ0IlkdEbJOn_g-qcnDOIH3jLCDoLast week Mr. P and I celebrated our 1st anniversary of being very married!  Seriously, where does the time go?!

I mentioned to him that as an anniversary gift (because 1st year = paper, right?), I’d like to make a tradition of taking photos each July 7th.  Ya know, kind of like how some families do the annual Christmas card photo?  Well, same idea, but instead marking our anniversary, so by the time we’re 80, we’ll have 50 years of photos of us celebrating each year of marriage (and of course documenting crazy outfit trends, too)!
The day was perfect…7.7 fell on a Monday this year, so we met up after work with the darling Ashley from Generic Brand Human (the best wedding videographer, ever!), and strolled around Central Park snapping photos in our favorite places (mini bouquet is from Whole Foods…because a girl needs a prop!)  It was, of course, a million degrees out, but I think Ashley did a brilliant job photoshopping the glisten off our faces;-)
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Afterwards, we went to the Surrey Hotel on the UES (where we got married, on the rooftop!) and had a beautiful little dinner, renewing our vows between courses.  Such a special way to reflect on our year, and to get excited for what’s to come!

I’m a sucker for traditions (obvs!)  Do you have any annual family traditions?  I’d love to hear, please share below!






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