Adagio Is NYC’s Cup Of Tea

While it may be all about the iced coffee and fresh juices in the summer months, October to March (ok, sometimes May!) in NYC is all about the bevvys that keep us warm on the inside and out..and nothing says cozy quite like a cup of hot tea!  There’s no limit on the tea houses you can frequent throughout the city, but some days you just want to brew your own from the comfort (and warmth!) of your own kitchen, am I right?

I was delighted to learn about Adagio Teas–a family owned company that works directly with farmers and is dedicated to incredible quality and incredible customer service, delivering door to door service.  When I say incredible, I mean emailing the company, telling them what flavors my taste buds prefer, getting an immediate response with recommendations and descriptions, and upon placing an order receiving my shipment within 2 days.  AND a follow-up email to make sure everything was to my liking!  Seriously, these guys have the kind of customer service that creates loyalty for life.


Besides their delicious teas (summer rose and vanilla rooibos being my favorites thus far), I just love their genius invention the integnuiTEA.  Perfect for busy New Yorkers who don’t have the patience to stuff dried leaves into tea baggies or balls, this all-in one teapot empties your brew right into a mug when it’s placed on top of the rim.  Less mess?  I’m so for it!

Here’s a little preview of how it works:

And at only 10 cents per cup, this sure beats any of the tea house prices you’ll find around New York!  Or if you are curious about what flavors you’d enjoy, you can order samples for $2, which makes enough for 10 cups of tea!

Quick recap of why Adagio simply rocks for busy New Yorkers:

1. They deliver!

2. Minimal mess and dishes!

3. Budget friendly AND incredible quality!


What flavor is your cup of tea?  Share below!


By: Jessica Tiare Bowen


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