UsedYorkCity Inspiration #9


^^Finally got around to trying the gourmet donuts from Doughnut Plant, and loved their wall decor!^^

1. The NYC Marathon was this past weekend.  If you didn’t get around to running it (haha), you can see the entire course condensed here in 4 minutes.  (via New York Daily News)

2. Coney Island exhibit to be held across the pond in London this winter. (via the Coney Island Blog)

3. Warm up with the best oatmeal bowls in the city. (via CBS New York)

4. One of my favorite lifestyle bloggers just came out with a new store filled with the prettiest things, and I’m TOTALLY subscribing to the Happy Mail.  Snail mail is just the best:-) (via A Beautiful Mess)

5. Along with hosting Thanksgiving this year, I’m also trying out our first annual Friendsgiving.  This article about a group of friends that did the same in Brooklyn last year provided lots of inspiration. (via Business Insider)

What’s been inspiring you this week? Share below!




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