Holiday Gift Guide For The Guys

Maybe it’s because men don’t have as much selection as women, but because of that I’ve always found it a bit easier to choose gifts for the guys…less chance to get it wrong?  (I mean, unless my hubby has just been rocking the chihuahua shirt I gave him last Christmas so I don’t feel bad?  Entirely possible:-)

Quirky chichi shirts aside, here’s 10 go-to gifts for the men that you can’t go too wrong with.  I mean, what guy wouldn’t love a funky pair of argyle socks?!

So guys…what’s on your wish list this year?  Share below!




  • Mike says:

    Ha, I really don’t need or want anything this year. Ok, I say that every Christmas. You mentioned some argyle socks…actually I do need some new dress socks. So, I’ll go with that, Jessica :) p.s….or a really hot girl elf lol :)

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