Boulton & Watt Does The Best Lunch Special In The City

Living the freelance life, it’s always a nice treat to leave the house during the day and find “office space” elsewhere.  While the coffee shops are great, they’re pretty much filled to the brim with other freelancers with the same idea.  So when I stumbled across an industrial gem on the Lower East Side that offered free Wi-Fi, a Restoration Hardware-esque vibe, AND an incredible lunch special I had to go in.  Boulton & Watt, my friends, is now where you can find me and my laptop.

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Located on the corner of Houston and Avenue A, the restaurant is a prime spot for classic NYC people watching–hipsters, construction workers, dogs (oh, the dogs!), artists, professionals, the occasional vagabond…you know, all the people that make NYC so special.

The lunch special at Boulton & Watt is a signature Boulton Burger, a jar of pickles, fries, and a draft beer all for $15.  The pickles aren’t your mama’s pickles from the jar in her fridge though.  Oh no.  They are innovative, fresh spins in the pickling industry.  I had a jar of pickled pineapple with habanero, mint and basil and my tastebuds were doing a little happy dance, it was seriously that tasty.  I’m stoked to go back to try a few of the other tempting combos: beets with peppercorns and red wine vinegar and the jicama with grapefruit, ginger chili and lime.  Even speaking the names has me salivating just a bit, okay, a lot.

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For the main course I went with the veggie burger (cause vegetarian;-), which was chickpea, eggplant, kale, topped with tzatziki on a seven grain bun.  I polished it off, the whole entire thing, it was THAT good (proof below!)  Seriously had to take an hour walk around the LES afterwards just to be like “yes, tastebuds, I appeased you with the entire patty of veggie amazement.  stomach, I’m so sorry, you’ll be digested soon.”  I mean, the fact that I gobbled up the shoestring fries salted and seasoned to perfection probably didn’t help my case, but you know.  All in the name of good food.

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Oh!  Less I forget…the beer!  I asked my waiter to recommend the lightest beer they have, that doesn’t have a super strong beer taste (what can I say, I’m a wine girl!)  He suggested a Smuttynose Pilsner (how could I say no to that name?!), and guys!  Besides cider (which isn’t REALLY beer, I know), it was the first beer I ever drank that I really enjoyed!  High five for the beer pairing!


I know you’re thinking, “Jess, did you actually get any work done during your ‘working lunch’ or just stuff your face the whole time?”  Valid question.  Thanks to the restaurant’s abundance of outlets and natural light (working essentials, duh), I totally did.  Working lunch for the win!

You can grab this special weekdays from 12pm to 4pm.  If you see a blond girl with her laptop in the corner stuffing her face with the veggie burger, come say hi.  It’s me:-)

By: Jessica Tiare Bowen

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