UsedYorkCity Inspiration #14


^^My tiny little minimalist ode to the holidays!^^

1. Positively DROOLING over all these ideas of things to make with your leftover eggnog!  I’ll take 5 eggnog whoopie pies, please. (via Huffington Post)

2. A roundup of things to do on Christmas day in NYC after all the presents are opened.  Spa Castle sounds good to me;-) (via Mommy Poppins)

3. I guest posted on one of my favorite travel blogs about popular Christmas traditions in the States. (via Ever Changing Scenery)

4. My favorite Parisian/New York fashion guru Garance posts things she learned in 2014. #LifePhilosophy = on track. (via Garance Dore)

5. The reasons we fell in love all over again with NYC in 2014. (via New York Magazine)

What’s been inspiring you this week?




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