Brod Kitchen Brings Nordic Noshing To The UES

Nordic countries have a pretty notorious reputation for their tolerance, equality, phenomenal education and healthcare systems, and overall happiness.  I’ll let you in on a little secret…their food is top-notch, too.  And the best part is you don’t even have to jump on a plane to experience it!

Located on the Upper East Side, Brod Kitchen is a Nordic inspired restaurant that merges together seasonal, super healthy ingredients with tastebud titillating flavors. None of that twigs-and-leaves business that we may think of when we visualize Nordic cuisine, but substantial, filling dishes that won’t leave you hungry in an hour.

Seriously, have a peek at my sandwich.  The on-location baked focaccia, warm right from the oven, topped with the freshest burrata you’ll find this side of Italy, juicy figs, and a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette to tie it all together. Perfection, people!

L1010851Brod’s signature dish is the Smørrebrød- the open faced rye sandwich piled high with everything from speck, roasted beets, egg salad, smoked Norwegian salmon and avocados.  But the extra special part is this: while there’s certainly no lack of meat dishes to choose from, Brod also has tons of options for vegetarians.  A Smørrebrød of cherry tomatoes, balsamic and creme fraiche tickle your fancy?  How about pear and camembert?

L1010865 L1010856 L1010848 L1010852I thought so.

And don’t forget to grab a dessert on your way out.  If sticking with the Smørrebrød option, I recommend trying creme fraiche, honey, hazelnut and rosemary or Nocciolata, fig, hazelnut and mint.  As you can see, though, there’s tons of bakery items to choose from to satisfy your sweet tooth…their cheesecake was a personal favorite of mine.

L1010857 L1010869Another little plus about this place: set up with a market-style vibe, you can easily pop in and grab a few sides and mains for a healthy meal at home.  And with their freshly made bread, you’ll be all set for breakfast, too!  I’m already planning a Nordic themed dinner party, with a little okay a lot of help from Brod.

We may still be a bit behind in reforming our school and healthcare systems to those of the Nordic standards, but with Brod’s opening I’ve discovered an insight into the culture’s super high happiness levels: their food.


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