5 Housewarming Gifts Every New Yorker Will Love

We moved into our new apartment this past fall.  The packing/moving process was a little…stressful, to say the least.  The hubs and I were amazed at how much random stuff we had accumulated in our 3 years at our last place.  We both hate clutter and consider ourselves pretty minimalistic people by nature, so it was shocking to us how much stuff we had to weed through and do the whole “take/donate/give away/throw away” piles. Let’s just say it took a lot more time that either of us had anticipated.  Womp womp.

That being said, we had a pretty strict mindset going into the new place of not bringing anything into the home that we didn’t REALLY intend to use, since that’s how things tend to spiral out of control pretty quickly.  We made a huge deal of “no house warming gifts!” to our families, but of course, got a few things anyway;-)

In case any of you guys are moving or in need of a gift for friends who are, here’s our list of housewarming gifts that will be warmly welcomed and, get this, actually happily used!

1. Fancy Hand Soap and Lotion

My friend Natalie surprised us with Jo Malone soap and lotion, and I quickly became obsessed!  This stuff smells amazing, and really makes the act of washing your hands a little luxury.  The company also does a fabulous job of gift boxing, free of charge, and includes 2 free perfume samples with each order.

2. Artisanal Coffee or Tea

I don’t know a single New Yorker who doesn’t indulge in their daily cup(s) of coffee or tea, so this is surely a gift that will be quickly used up!  Bonus points from getting it from your favorite local coffee/tea house!

3. Candles

If I’m home for more than an hour at a time, I have a candle burning.  Having a very sensitive nose, I’m kinda obsessed with good smells;-)  They get cycled through pretty quickly, so it’s always nice to have a reserve.

4. (Knock Knock Bathroom) Guest Book

Ok, I know this sounds SUPER cheesy, but hear me out.  My parents have a guest book in their spare bedroom, and it’s such a delight going back and reading all the entries from family and friends who have spent time their over the years.  While New Yorkers don’t exactly have guest bedrooms, per say, your guests always pop into your bathroom, right?!  There’s also couch guest books and dinner party guest books, in case you can’t wrap your head around people doodling on your pot;-)

5. Top-Notch Olive Oil

This is something I would never ever splurge on myself, truth be told, I get the generic “Fresh Direct” brand every time.  But it’s something that will most definitely be used, and what a treat to be able to taste something of great quality!

Would love to know…what’s the best house warming gift you’ve ever received or gave?

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