Turn Off Your Netflix And Go On These 5 Fun Dates!

Let’s talk about something totally applicable today (cause, Juno!): winter dates that get you out of the house but keep you out of the cold, too!  I totally get how it’s easy to be like, “date night?  orrrr we could just stay in with pizza and netflix!”  We’re guilty, too!  Especially during the winter, and especially during blizzards.


Today we’re gonna talk about bringing date nights back with a bang!  The hubs and I have been doing some hardcore date night research for you guys, bringing the very best ones to the blog!  And don’t forget, date nights aren’t limited to your significant other…they can be just as fun with your roomie, mom, random girl from yoga class…you name it!  Here’s our very favorites that we tried this month:

1. Speakeasy Theater + Cocktails

“Trust me, I get funnier with every sip, ” speaks actor/playwright Anthony Caporale in his entertaining show, The Imbible: A Spirited History of Drinking.  And it’s so true!  (But this guy and his talented ensemble would be funny even sans cocktails, I promise!)  The Imbible is an off-Broadway show playing in an authentic NYC speakeasy, which talks about the history of alcohol while serving the audience said beverages. Performed by a group of 4 insanely talented a cappella singers, these guys sing and dance about the 10,000 year journey of alcohol and the creation of the modern day cocktail.  You’ll have a whole new appreciation for the Old Fashioned after the night is over.  We watched live demonstrations of brewing beer and distilling spirits, learned the difference between cocktails and mixed drinks, and got to interact in answering trivia questions!  All while sipping cocktails which are included in the price of your ticket!  These guys are so, so passionate, it’s refreshing to see theater performed with such zeal, and to be a member of their audience.

unnamed-12. Attend Your 5th Grade Class Reunion in an East Village Apartment

Interactive theater?  Yes please!  Mrs. Mayfield’s Fifth-Grade Class of ’93 20-Year Reunion is like Sleep No More, only funny!  And with witty dialogue!  Part play, part party, and all a boat load of date night fun!  A group of former 5th grade classmates, now all in their 30’s, get together for an evening of reminiscing, complete with lots of alcohol and a handful of drugs.  Turn the 90’s music on, and you have the recipe for the best night, ever!  As an audience member, you’re also guests at the party (truth be told, it was sometimes hard to tell who was acting and who was an audience member, it all seemed so natural!)  You wander the apartment (the address is given to you after your reservation is made), perusing the kitchen, office, and yes, bedroom, getting involved in whichever scenes you fancy.  Upon entering, you get a name tag, red meaning “don’t talk to me” and green meaning “yes, pull me into your lair of 5th grade drama!”  The hubs and I went with red name tags, but that certainly didn’t stop me from jumping into the Free Willy “Will You Be There” flash mob.  You know, cause that was my 5th grade jam, too.

Oh! Alcohol can be purchased for $5 throughout the evening via the honor system, and vegan chili is available for free.  Prepped by one of the actors himself;-)

unnamed3. Get Your Downward Dogs On

Couples that play together stay together, right?  While yoga may not be playing in the same context as, say, squash, it’s still a great date activity! The hubs and I have been going to Sonic Yoga, which offers free community yoga and meditation classes, and also has a special of 2 months of unlimited yoga for $99 going on.  Which is A LOT of dates, my friends.

shutterstock950203604. Nosh Till Your Heart’s Content At A Food Festival

When we do opt for the more traditional dinner dates, we’ve been making a point to try new restaurants rather than our old tried-and-true.  There’s no better way to discover restaurants packed with potential than visiting one of the city’s food festivals, and tasting samples from the chef’s menu yourself!  Pair with entertainment, craft beer, wine, and liquor and you’re shooing to have a delicious date!  We’re pretty pumped for 2015’s Choice Eats, happening March 13th!

unnamed-15. Love-Themed Improv

Ever dream of having your love life (or lack thereof!) turned into a hysterical skit?!  Yeah, me either, but you can laugh your heart out as some other helpless New Yorker is interviewed on stage about their’s…and then watch the “What I Did For Love” improv unfold!  The Upright Citizen’s Brigrade puts on a fine show, and you can’t beat the $10 price point.

2-ucb-what-i-did-for-love_650What fun date nights have you been on lately?  Share below!


  • And still great dates even though Valentine’s day is way in the past! My roommate is an understudy for #1 and well, you know I’m excited for #4! Intrigued by #2…I’ll have to check it out!

  • Tamara says:

    Wow, these are certainly fun! I’d be hard-pressed to find some of them out here in the sticks, but Boston isn’t very far.
    And the 5th grade reunion might be my favorite!

    • Used York City says:

      I think the reunion would be totally up to your speed, and something tells me you’d take a green sticker, Tamara!;-)

  • Ooh I love speakeasies so your first activity is right up my street! Wouldn’t fancy yoga on a first date but I’m sure some would love it

    • Used York City says:

      Hehe, yeah first date doing yoga may be pushing it a bit…by 6 years in we’ve pretty much seen all kinds of compromising positions!;-)

  • Heather says:

    Five more reasons why NYC is the greatest city in the world! I love the creativity of those two plays. But tell me, how did you get your hubs to join you for yoga?? Mine laughs every time I bring it up!

    • Used York City says:

      Hehe, I promised it would make him more flexible, which would aid in helping his more “manly” pursuits of boxing and crossfit!;-) Once he was there he actually loved it though…just gotta rope them in!;-)

  • Sarah says:

    Oh man, I booked tickets to imbible as soon as I saw this, before that coupon code got posted. Rats. Looking forward to it though!

  • Lydia says:

    That first one sounds amazing… theatre + a cappella + cocktails + a date = all my favorite things in one. Booking right now!

    • Used York City says:

      Yay! Make sure to use the discount code left in the comments! Let me know how you like it!;-)

  • Richa Saxena says:

    They all sound amazinggg…..My fav has ro be the food festival one! You’re absolutely right..How else are you gonna try new food :)

  • Kemkem says:

    The 5th grade reunion sounds like fun. I do get confused with the American system. How old is a 5th grader? Like 10 years old? So the reunion is them acting in the “now”, not acting like they are still in school. Drugs, alcohol in 5th grade? I was like whoah.. I led a sheltered life :-).

  • Here’s a promo code just for Used York City readers to get $5 off tickets to “The Imbible” – visit http://imbible.org and enter 5IMBIBLE0115 at checkout! Hope to see you at an upcoming show!

    • Used York City says:

      Amazing, thank you so much Anthony! I hope all our readers jump at this chance, you guys are truly on the cutting edge of theater, we couldn’t stop talking about the show…and you’ve made the old fashioned our new go-to beverage;-)

  • Catherine says:

    Wow, these all sound amazing! Love the idea of the 5th grade reunion, have never been to an interactive theatre show before but I bet it was very entertaining!

    • Used York City says:

      It was hysterical! Plus some really thought provoking one liners and an overall solid message, I really can’t say enough good things about it!

  • I want to go to a Speak Easy theatre! Seems like it would be a lot of fun!

  • my husband and I go to kickboxing classes a few times a week together! although we can’t be partners (we learned that wasn’t a good idea a few years ago when we started going :P) but it’s still fun to be able to workout together :)

  • That yoga sounds fun! I dig these ideas – that hangout shot is cool 😉 – and as for us, we did a 1 night honeymoon in Central New Jersey after our wedding last week, woohoo! Yep, we did it in NJ because we have a trip coming up on Monday; a 4 month honeymoon in Bali 😉 A little more exotic than New Brunswick, lol!

    Fun ideas here that I’ll need to take with me to the Ring of Fire for some creative twists.

    Yes they have plenty of yoga there :)

    Thanks for the fun read!


    • Used York City says:

      That’s amazing, Ryan! Congrats on your newlywed status, and enjoy every single minute of that honeymoon! Look forward to seeing some yoga shots on your blog!;-)

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