UsedYorkCity Inspiration #18

unnamed^^The most delicious veggie platter at Prune in the East Village.^^

1. Are you a book junkie? This NYC blogger talks about borrowing eBooks from the library for free. (via Noted In NYC)

2. Love this mom’s response to the ex-NYC mom who stated, “raising kids in New York is a terrible, terrible idea.” (via Gothamist)

3. Stumped at what to grab at the wine store? This is probably the best description I’ve heard for aligning your preferred food tastes to bottles of vino. (via A Cup Of Joe)

4. 14 awkward weather situations New Yorkers will totally understand. Umm, understanding umbrella height differences? >>Right here.<< (via Big Appled)

5. A local’s guide to visiting NYC. (via Cultural Xplorer)

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