5 NYC Dates That Don’t Scream “Valentine’s Day!!!”

Is it me or do date nights get a lot more pressure come February?  (Thanks V-Day!)  But what a great opportunity to show your significant other that Hallmark and high restaurant prices don’t scare you…oh no!  Au contraire!  You are armed with date nights to wow even the most cynical “I hate Valentine’s Day” people out there!

Here’s 5 dates the hubby and I loved, and are pretty positive you will, too!

mamma-mia1. Mamma Mia on Broadway

This has long been my all time favorite musical, so I was stoked to finally take Mr. P to the theater to see it!  It’s really the perfect anti-Valentine’s Day Broadway show, because these two lovers decide in the end that they don’t need marriage to prove their adoration and love to one another…just a few show tunes and a trek around the world!  You’ll be out of your seat high-kicking and singing along by the end, promise!

CvUxhW5eTaVRI5aP3PyxbF-GwfHelUf0qwZNU3rTkOs2. Love/Sick

The show that will have you remembering all the reasons you love love (despite the title)!  Love/Sick is a one act, nine-play cycle about love and loss…with a side of lust thrown in for good measure!  Each play has its own arc and tells the story of a couple at a crossroads in their relationship. Since each relationship is more advanced than the previous relationship, a larger arc emerges and the individual plays work together to create a satisfying whole – one that chronicles the lifecycle of a typical relationship, from meeting through divorce…and afterwards.  The singing telegram one was my favorite:-)

1572185803. Window Shop For Each Other

NYC is the best place to live when you have a shopping itch, because all those stores!  We both pick something that we are “hypothetically” shopping for that day (him: usually watches) (me: usually shoes), and head to our respective stores together.  We give each other a solid amount of time to try on watches and shoes, and ohh and ahh at how good the other looks, snapping a few photos with our phones of course.  At the end, we guess which one they would pick if they had the funds, and you tell which you would pick!  It’s a fun way to pass an afternoon together, and also a great way to get an idea of your boo’s style and ultimate wish list for when he/she hits that big birthday or earns a promotion or has a bad day…you know, something worthy of a big ticket item;-)

IMG_21984. Turkish Coffee

On quick dates, we love checking out new and different coffee shops together.  There’s a lovely place in Hell’s Kitchen called Kahve which serves traditional Turkish coffee in teeny tiny cups.  Not only is it really cute to cuddle together in a booth, but after the coffee is gone, legend goes you can pour the cup upside down and read your future based on where the coffee stains go.  (Maybe you have to be Turkish in order for this to really work, but it’s a fun game, none the less…just google how to do it and impress your boo!;-)

1454a93f378eb0b834d576357bab406a5. Read + Discuss Together

At one point in the very beginning of our relationship, the hubs and I had our own book club with just the two of us in it (aww!)  His first book was on global warming and mine was a David Sedaris classic…needless to say, we didn’t make it past the first 2 months.  However, we’ve since learned that we can appreciate smaller little tastes of things…we’ll send each other articles that we find interesting throughout the day and discuss them over dinner, and lately have been saying our goodnights over Pablo Neruda’s Love Poems.  Gotta love a short and sweet sonnet.

Share your fun date night ideas below!

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  • visit link says:

    Love the website!!! I’ve consulted it many times for information.

  • Heather says:

    You guys are too cute! Our date nights usually consist of a bottle of wine, a hunk of cheese and back-to-back episodes of our favorite TV shows on Netflix.

  • Reading and discussing together is a lovey idea. When I visited NY, we went out in Hell’s Kitchen so I was interested to read about the little Turkish place too

    • Used York City says:

      Thanks Suze! Some articles are more romantic than others…I’ve been on a “blood type diet” research kick recently so poor hubs knows all about our preferred food lists!;-)

  • Maria Falvey says:

    Love the singing telegram idea – made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

  • Discussing the ways in which 50 Shades of Grey: The Movie could have been improved upon. Endless conversation!!!

    But seriously… gelato by the riverside for me <3 It's corny, but I love it!

    • Used York City says:

      Hahaha! We saw that on the 14th, too, but I shockingly loved it! Maybe because my expectations were so low going in? But it totally leaves you hanging for a sequel…!

  • Very cute and excellent ideas, Jess! I would love to see Mamma Mia in NYC! I love #3. Happy V Day to you and your Hubs :)

  • Mike says:

    I like the window shopping suggestion the best. I’m totally down going with a gal checking things out for each of us even if there is no intention to purchase. Probably my favorite (repeat) date has been to (ok, it’s been a long time) take a 30-45 minute road trip up to North Lake Tahoe. The drive allows a wonderful time to just chat without any interruption…of course with amazing views. Then there is a restaurant that sits right on the water overlooking the entire lake. It’s amazing and often you can find a celebrity if you look around. Afterwards a walk on the beach and sitting on the end of a dock and just chatting overlooking Lake Tahoe at dusk! Happy V-Day to you, your husband and Gillman, Jessica! :)

    • Used York City says:

      Wow, now that sounds like the Valentine’s Day for the WIN, Mike!!! What a gorgeous drive that must be–we have friends that just returned from skiing out there and said the view was the best they’ve ever seen!

  • Muza-chan says:

    I love Turkish coffee… great idea :)

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