Take An Affordable Bite Out Of The Big Apple (i.e. Restaurant Week!!!)

‘Tis the winter of our discontent.

I think everyone here in the frigid Big Apple – where temperatures have barely topped 32 degrees this past month and have dropped as low as 4 degrees – shares this sentiment.

It has certainly been one weary, worrisome icy winter.  Quite an audacious start to a shiny new year – with little relief in sight. It fact, the temperature forecast takes us even further south … and I don’t mean to warmer climes. Yes, I know Boston has it far worse, poor things.  This is the one time that I don’t at all mind awarding Boston a win.  They are more then welcome to this particular “W” and all that mind blowing snow.

JLP Tequila 314I was ready to pack it all in – so tired of wearing everything I own to keep warm – and actually considering a repeat visit to Iceland which I toured last year around this time – recall?  The temperatures are actually higher in Reykjavik, hard as that is to believe, and I could enjoy the outdoors in their geothermal baths.  It’s equally as warm in the waters of Iceland’s famous “Blue Lagoon” as in the ocean defining South Beach, Miami and surely just as colorful.  Crazy, right?  Or perhaps I have been indoors too long?

But then I discovered something guaranteed to warm my heart and body which kept me from phoning Icelandic Airways. Much as I love to be on the move and experience the world, there is one thing that always keeps me loving my frozen Big Apple and that is literally taking a bite out of it….so I giddily and gladly welcome ……



Couldn’t have arrived at a better time.  Just when we were all going stir crazy.

This is rapidly becoming my favorite time of year in NYC. It’s like Christmas for adults.

“Restaurant Week” 2015 in the Big Apple starts on Monday, February 16th and ends on Friday, March 6th. That means 3 solid weeks to delight in some wondrous meals at some of the most famous restaurants in New York, without destroying your savings account.

Click here and you will discover an amazing, alphabetical list of 323 participating NYC restaurants – I spotted 21 Club, LeCirque, Nobu and Cipriani’s – both downtown and midtown – on this year’s roster. I was stunned by this impressive list as so many of the restaurants added to this year’s “Restaurant Week” represent the world’s ultimate cathedrals of cuisine, our culinary churches, so to speak.   

21club5bpw-15-webThe deal is simple; each restaurant offers an affordable prix fixe lunch consisting of 3 courses at $25 and a prix fixe dinner for $38.  Now you must make reservations, and inform the establishment that you are there for the prix fixe menu offered during restaurant week.  Tax and tip are not included and I suggest asking the restaurant about their drinks policy as that can vary, depending on the eatery.

This is a rare opportunity to make the scene at some top NYC restaurants, and chase away those winter blues.  Take full advantage of this offer and enjoy as many restaurants as possible, this is one heck of a deal.  After you relish a fabulous meal at a landmark restaurant, there will be a spring in your step as well as in the air.

So “Bon Appetit”  ~  Good Food equals Good Mood!

What restaurants are you hoping to check out this year?  Share below!

By: Joanne Theodorou

p.s. the amazing sushi place we recently reviewed is on restaurant week, too!

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