UsedYorkCity Inspiration #21

KEY LARGO^^Currently having a lovely time in Key West! I’ll bring some sunshine back to NYC, promise!^^

1. Learned about some new veggie friendly restaurants in the city I’m excited to try! (via AM New York)

2. 21 ways NYC can learn from London…so on board with that subway etiquette! (via Buzzfeed)

3. I’m at that age where the exhausting topics of babies/IVF comes up at every social gathering. This article is a beautiful reminder that lifestyle choices don’t need to look the same for everyone. (via Harper’s Bazaar)

4. Micro apartments are coming to NYC! Would you pay the 2-3K a month for one?! (via Business Insider)

5. A gorgeous roundup of unexpected hotel rooms around the world. I’ll take the underground igloo in Finland, please! (via Refinery 29)

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