Gazing Globes In Madison Square Park

unnamed-3Art is in the eye of the beholder, yes?  So when I was strolling through Madison Square Park yesterday, and happened upon a lawn full of orbs, my first thought was “ohhh, the artist must have dug up clumps of snow and icicles from this winter’s polar vortex storms and found all sorts of interesting things buried beneath, and then decided to showcase these snowy creations in snow globes!  Brilliant!”

I mean, right?!  Take a peek:

unnamed unnamed-4 unnamed-2 unnamed-1Needless to say, upon doing a bit more investigation on the exhibit, I found the truth goes a bit more like this:

Paula Hayes’s crystal balls positioned on elegant fiberglass pedestals summon the present and predict the future. Each see-through globe lit from within features a mixture of analog radio parts, castoff electronic transistor parts, glass vacuum tubes, micro glass beads, shredded rubber tires, and recycled plastic flotsam. To these mixed remnants of technology and culture the artist added crystals and minerals. A shimmering fairy dust was made from pulverized CDs and is layered within each sculpture’s interior.

Well, not exactly debris found in the snow, but remnants of old New York, nonetheless.  The globes will be on display through April 19th, 2015.

Have you ever grossly misread an art exhibit?  Share below!

p.s. another sculpture garden you can visit in NYC for free.


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